ThePipingMart Blog Grades Strenx 1100 Plus – Composition, Properties, and Uses

Strenx 1100 Plus – Composition, Properties, and Uses

Strenx 1100 Plus

When it comes to heavy machinery and equipment, high-strength steel is the backbone of the industry. Operators need materials that can withstand the most challenging conditions, ranging from extreme heat to harsh weather. That’s where Strenx 1100 Plus comes into play. It is a top-of-the-line high-strength steel built to endure even the most demanding applications. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a deep dive into everything you need to know about Strenx 1100 Plus, its composition, mechanical and physical properties, and its uses and welding capabilities.

What is Strenx 1100 plus?

Strenx 1100 Plus is a high-strength, low-alloy structural steel developed by SSAB. It offers exceptional strength, making it ideal for applications that require high load-bearing capabilities, such as cranes and bridges. Its’ corrosion resistance and weldability also make it perfect for creating components in the transportation industry. Additionally, its excellent fatigue performance ensures prolonged operational life.

Strenx 1100 Plus Composition

Strenx 1100 Plus is a high-strength structural steel made of carefully selected, low-alloyed steel grades. These grades are alloyed with elements such as manganese, silicon, and chromium, which increase their strength and durability. In addition, it is designed to meet specific requirements for weight, stiffness, and safety. Its carbon content, for instance, is less than 0.2%, making it suitable for welding and other high-stress applications.

C *)
(MAX %)
SI *)
(MAX %)
(MAX %)
(MAX %)
(MAX %)
(MAX %)
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(MAX %)
(MAX %)
(MAX %)
0.21 0.50 1.40 0.020 0.005 0.80 0.30 3.0 0.70 0.005

Strenx 1100 Plus Mechanical Properties

This high-strength steel has excellent mechanical properties, including high yield and tensile strength. It has a minimum yield strength of 1100 MPa and a minimum tensile strength of 1300 MPa, making it one of the strongest structural steels on the market. Its elongation at break is 11%, meaning it has good ductility and can absorb significant energy before breaking. This makes it ideal for heavy-duty equipment like excavators, trucks, dump bodies, and cranes.

(MIN %)
4.0 – 4.9 1100 1250 – 1550 8
5.0 – 40.0 1100 1250 – 1550 10

Strenx 1100 Plus Physical Properties

Strenx 1100 Plus boasts impressive physical properties, making it highly effective in various applications. Its density, for instance, is 7.85 g/cm³, which is relatively low compared to other high-strength steels. Using Strenx 1100 Plus can result in lighter equipment and significant energy savings. Its hardness ranges from 360 to 420 HBW, adding to its superior strength.

Strenx 1100 Plus Uses

Strenx 1100 Plus is becoming increasingly popular in industrial, manufacturing, and construction applications due to its superior quality and durability. Its high strength and impressive mechanical properties make it ideal for heavy-duty vehicles, trailers, lift equipment, and cranes. Additionally, it can be highly effective in the mining industry for crushers, hoppers, and ore bridges. Its reduced weight also makes it a favourite for the transportation sector for lighter yet stronger trucks and trailers.

Strenx 1100 Plus Heat Treatment

Heat treatment of STRENX 1100 Plus produces high-strength martensitic steel, which offers superior formability and toughness. This makes it ideal for applications such as crane booms, truck frames, and supports. Through heat treatment, the microstructure is tailored to provide excellent fracture toughness with retained plate properties over a wide temperature range.

Strenx 1100 Plus Corrosion Resistance

Strenx 1100 Plus is an advanced high-strength steel with excellent corrosion resistance. Due to its superior anti-corrosion properties, it offers exceptional weldability and formability for various applications, including fabrication in the marine industry. The alloy also provides guaranteed minimum yield strength of up to 550MPa and good mechanical properties at elevated and subzero temperatures.

Strenx 1100 Plus Welding

Strenx 1100 Plus can be welded using conventional welding methods, including MIG, TIG, and SAW. However, it’s worth mentioning that it requires skilled welders with experience working with high-strength steel. During welding, it’s critical to ensure consistent heating and cooling rates to avoid distortion and hardening.


Strenx 1100 Plus is the epitome of high-strength steel. Its strength, durability, and reduced weight blend make it a critical component of heavy-duty equipment and machinery across various industries. Throughout this blog post, we’ve learned what steel is made up of, its mechanical and physical properties, uses, and welding and machining capabilities. This high-strength steel is the way for any business or industry searching for top-quality steel.

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