ThePipingMart Blog Grades Weldox 800 – Composition, Properties, and Uses

Weldox 800 – Composition, Properties, and Uses

Weldox 800

The manufacturing industry is vital to global economic development, and technological advancements have catalyzed innovation. Among these innovations is the creation of high-strength steel, which has revolutionized the industry. One of the most popular high-strength steels is Weldox 800. This blog will delve deeper into Weldox 800’s composition, properties, uses, heat treatment, machining, welding and corrosion resistance.

What is Weldox 800?

Weldox 800 is a high-strength structural steel manufactured by SSAB, a leading steel producer based in Sweden. It is predominantly used in extreme load-bearing structures, such as crane booms, truck chassis, and excavator arms. Weldox 800 is part of the Weldox steel family, which consists of high-strength steel with yield strengths varying from 600 to 1300 MPa.

Weldox 800 Compositions

Weldox 800 is an alloyed steel with a primarily low carbon content to ensure excellent welding qualities. It comprises carbon, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, phosphorus, silicon, and sulfur. Combining these elements provides that Weldox 800 exhibits high strength and exceptional welding properties.

Weldox 800 Mechanical Properties

Weldox 800 exhibits immense mechanical strength, which is essential for high-load-bearing structures. It has a typical yield strength of 800 MPa, a tensile strength of 960 MPa, and an elongation of 12%. The steel also has excellent impact toughness, making it suitable for use in extreme conditions.

Weldox 800 Physical Properties

In addition to its mechanical properties, Weldox 800 boasts impressive physical properties. It has a density of 7.85 g/cm³ and a specific heat capacity of 460 J/kg °C, which helps to ensure that it maintains its structural integrity even under extreme changes in temperature.

Weldox 800 Thickness

Weldox 800 is a high-strength steel plate with a thickness range of 8 to 120 mm. It provides excellent weldability and superior mechanical properties, making it suitable for various applications requiring very high strength.

Weldox 800 Uses

Due to its high strength and excellent welding properties, Weldox 800 is predominantly used in high-load-bearing structures. Some of its uses include crane booms, truck chassis, and excavator arms. It can also be used in building components such as bridges, ships, offshore equipment, and pressure vessels.

Weldox 800 Corrosion Resistance

Weldox 800 is available in different grades with varying levels of corrosion resistance. For instance, the Alvadox 800T grade, made with high-tempered nickel, provides excellent corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in corrosive environments.

Weldox 800 Heat Treatment

Heat treatment ensures that Weldox 800 exhibits the desired mechanical properties. The steel can be heat-treated to modify its mechanical properties. The treatment involves quenching and tempering at different temperatures to achieve strength and toughness.

Weldox 800 Machining

Machining Weldox 800 requires preheating the steel to reduce its strength to manageable levels to ensure a smooth machining process. Specific precautions must be taken to prevent the steel from hardening during machining, which can lead to complications.

Weldox 800 Welding

Weldox 800 is an excellent welding material, making it ideal for extreme load-bearing structures. Welding Weldox 800 requires proper preparation, which includes cleaning the joints and avoiding high-temperature heat input, which can distort the steel.


In conclusion, Weldox 800 is a high-strength steel with exceptional mechanical and physical properties, making it ideal for structural applications. Its exceptional welding and corrosion resistance capabilities make it ideal for harsh environments. Understanding the properties and applications of Weldox 800 can help manufacturers choose the appropriate material for their projects, ensuring optimal performance, durability, and safety.

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