ThePipingMart Blog Grades Weldox 960 – Composition, Properties, and Uses

Weldox 960 – Composition, Properties, and Uses

Weldox 960

Weldox 960 is a high-strength steel that is known for its superior performance in extreme conditions. It has excellent weldability in all methods, making it an ideal material for a wide range of heavy-duty applications. But what exactly is Weldox 960, and what are its properties and uses? This blog post will guide you through everything you need to know about Weldox 960.

What is Weldox 960?

Weldox 960 is a high-strength structural steel with excellent weldability and bending behaviour. It has a yield strength of 960 MPa, making it 7 times stronger than ordinary mild steel, and it offers superior wear resistance and fatigue life. This material suits highly stressed structures where weight savings can be achieved without compromising performance.

Weldox 960 Composition

Weldox 960 is a quenched and tempered steel that is made from iron, carbon, and a mix of other elements such as manganese, silicon, and chromium. Its high purity and low impurities make it an ideal material for high-stress environments where strength and resilience are crucial.

C *) Max % Si *) Max % Mn *) Max % P Max % S Max % Cr *) Max % Cu *) Max % Ni *) Max % Mo *) Max % B *) Max %
0.20 0.60 1.60 0.020 0.010 0.70 0.30 2.0 0.70 0.005

Weldox 960 Mechanical Properties

Weldox 960 is known for its high strength, stiffness, and toughness. It has a minimum yield strength of 960 MPa, a hardness of up to 360 HBW, and an elongation at a break of 12%. These properties make it particularly useful in applications that require high-load resistance, impact resistance, and durability.

C *) Max % Si *) Max % Mn *) Max % P Max % S Max % Cr *) Max % Cu *) Max % Ni *) Max % Mo *) Max % B *) Max %
0.20 0.60 1.60 0.020 0.010 0.70 0.30 2.0 0.70 0.005

Weldox 960 Physical Properties

Weldox 960 has good ductility, making it easy to shape and form into the desired shape. It has a density of 7.85 g/cm3 and limited formability, which can be compensated for using proper heat treatment techniques.

Weldox 960 Thickness

Weldox 960 is a High Strength Steel made by SSAB, available in thicknesses ranging from 1.2mm to 160mm.

Weldox 960 Uses

Weldox 960 is popular in heavy-duty industries such as mining, construction, and transportation. Its strength makes it ideal for use in machinery and equipment exposed to extreme environments such as harsh weather conditions, heavy loads, and abrasive materials.

Weldox 960 Corrosion Resistance

Weldox 960 has excellent corrosion resistance, making it an ideal material for use in marine environments and humid climates. The steel is also resistant to rust and can withstand damage caused by chemicals and corrosive substances commonly found in industrial applications.

Weldox 960 Heat Treatment

Weldox 960 must be treated with heat before use to achieve its full potential. Quenching and tempering are the most common heat treatment methods to improve the steel’s strength, toughness, and wear resistance.

Weldox 960 Machining

Weldox 960 has good machinability but requires high cutting forces and a low cutting speed. Using cemented carbide tools to achieve optimal results and reduce tool wear is recommended.

Weldox 960 Welding

Weldox 960 is a high-strength steel alloy that offers excellent wear, tear, and corrosion resistance. It’s suitable for welding with minimal pre-heating requirements and has an impressive combination of mechanical properties with outstanding hardness and toughness. Its ultimate tensile strength reaching 960MPa, makes it the perfect choice for heavy-use applications needing superior weldability.


Weldox 960 is a versatile, durable, high-strength steel ideal for heavy-duty applications. Its exceptional mechanical and physical properties, combined with its resistance to corrosion and wear, make it a top choice in the mining, construction, and transportation industries. With proper heat treatment and machining techniques, the steel can provide optimal performance and longevity, ensuring the equipment and machinery made from it are robust and reliable.

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