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6 Benefits of Recycling Aluminum

Benefits of Recycling Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the most widely used materials in the world, and it is also one of the most recyclable. In fact, recycled aluminum can be recycled again and again without ever losing its quality or value. But beyond just saving money and resources, recycling aluminum also helps protect our environment from harmful pollutants. Let’s look at some of the environmental benefits of recycling aluminum.

Reduced Waste in Landfills

Recycling aluminum cans reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. Every time a can is recycled rather than thrown away, it prevents that material from ending up in a landfill where it would take hundreds of years to decompose. It also saves energy since making new cans from recycled materials takes significantly less energy than creating them from raw materials.

Saved Natural Resources

When you recycle aluminum cans, you’re helping conserve natural resources like bauxite ore, which is used to create these products in their raw form. Mining for bauxite ore involves stripping away layers of Earth along with other minerals and metals – all of which have a negative environmental impact – so using recycled material helps alleviate those effects while still providing us with the same product.

Reduced Pollution

Recycling aluminum helps reduce air pollution caused by burning fossil fuels during the manufacturing process. Producing new cans requires huge amounts of energy, which often comes from burning coal or oil, resulting in emissions that harm both human health and the environment. By recycling aluminum cans instead of throwing them away or producing them from scratch, we can significantly reduce these emissions and help protect our planet’s delicate ecosystems.

Saves Energy

Recycling aluminum cans saves 95% of the energy it would take to produce new cans from scratch. That’s because recycling aluminum requires only 5% of the energy needed to mine, process and manufacture new aluminum cans.

Conserves Resources

Recycling aluminum cans conserves resources. It takes about one-third of a pound of aluminum to make one new can. So, if we recycle just one can, we save that much aluminum from going into the landfill or being incinerated.

Helps the Economy

Recycling aluminum cans also helps the economy by saving businesses money. For example, it costs a beverage manufacturer less to make a can from recycled aluminum than it does to make a can from new aluminum


Recycling aluminum has numerous environmental benefits, including reducing waste sent to landfills, conserving natural resources like bauxite ore, and reducing air pollution caused by burning fossil fuels during production processes. So next time you go to throw out an empty soda can or beer bottle, think about how much good you could do for our planet if you just took a few extra seconds to recycle it instead! Not only are you helping preserve precious natural resources, but you’re also doing your part to reduce air pollution and help keep our Earth clean for future generations to enjoy!

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