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Advantages of Adding Manganese to Steel

Adding Manganese to Steel

Steel is an incredibly versatile and useful material that has been used for centuries. But did you know that adding other elements, such as manganese, can improve the properties of steel even further? In this blog post, we will discuss how manganese improves the characteristics of steel and why it is so beneficial when added to steel.

Manganese is a silvery-gray metal that is often used in alloys and metallurgical applications. It has many desirable properties, including excellent corrosion resistance, strong wear resistance, and high ductility. When added to steel in small amounts (up to 1%), it improves the strength and hardness of the metal without making it brittle. This makes it an ideal choice for construction applications where high strength and durability are needed.

Manganese also acts as a deoxidizer, which helps remove oxygen from molten steel during the manufacturing process. This prevents oxidation (rusting) of the metal while also reducing shrinkage in castings. By improving the fluidity of molten steel, manganese also helps prevent porosity in castings due to entrapped gases or bubbles being released from the liquid metal before solidification.

In addition to improving mechanical properties of steel, manganese also has several important functions when used in stainless steel. Firstly, it increases chromium’s ability to form a protective film on the surface of stainless steel, which helps prevent corrosion. Secondly, it increases resistance to embrittlement at elevated temperatures by forming carbides which provide additional strength at higher temperatures. Finally, manganese helps reduce sensitization—a condition where chromium carbides form on grain boundaries resulting in reduced corrosion resistance—by forming austenite instead of ferrite at elevated temperatures.


In conclusion, adding manganese to steel provides multiple benefits, including improved strength and ductility as well as better corrosion resistance and heat-treatability. It also acts as a deoxidizer during manufacturing processes and helps prevent sensitization in stainless steel at elevated temperatures. For these reasons, many engineers prefer to use steels with added manganese for their projects whenever possible. If you are looking for an alloy with superior properties over regular carbon steels, then look no further than one with added manganese!

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