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Aluminium 2007 vs 6082 – What’s the Difference

Aluminium 2007 vs 6082

Aluminium is an excellent material with a wide range of applications due to its impressive qualities: lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Two of the most popular grades of aluminium are 2007 and 6082. If you are looking to work with aluminium, it’s crucial to understand their differences and determine which one best suits your needs. In this blog post, we’ll explore the unique characteristics of both aluminium grades, highlighting their primary similarities and differences.

What is Aluminium 2007?

Aluminium 2007 is the strongest of all aluminium alloys, ideal for high-stress applications. It is a high-performance product used in the automotive, aerospace, and defence industries. Because of its remarkable strength, it is considered an excellent substitute for steel in some applications. It has exceptional machinability, easily shaped without compromising its quality or strength.

What is Aluminium 6082?

Aluminium 6082, on the other hand, is a medium-strength alloy used in construction and structural applications. It is frequently used in the transport industry, such as making train carriages, because of its outstanding corrosion resistance and toughness. It is highly resistant to seawater, making it common in shipbuilding and offshore wind turbines, where high-strength and lightweight materials are vital.

Difference Between Aluminium 2007 and 6082

The significant difference between aluminium 2007 and 6082 is their strength. While the 6082 is a medium-strength alloy, 2007 is the strongest commercially available aluminium alloy. Another critical difference is machinability. 2007 aluminium is remarkably easy to machine and work with, whereas 6082 aluminium has moderate machinability. Weldability is another significant difference. While 2007 aluminium is unsuitable for welding, 6082 aluminium can be easily welded.


The main difference between Aluminium 2007 and 6082 is their composition. Aluminium 2007 contains 2% copper while 6082 only has 1.5% magnesium. This difference in composition gives Aluminium 2007 a higher strength than 6082.


Due to its higher strength, Aluminium 2007 is typically used in the aerospace industry while Aluminium 6082 is used in the construction industry.


Although aluminium 2007 and 6082 significantly differ in strength and chemical composition, they share numerous similarities. For example, both aluminium grades contain magnesium and silicon as primary alloying elements to enhance their strength and machinability. Both are excellent conductors of electricity and heat, making them suitable for electrical applications and heat dissipation. Moreover, they exhibit excellent corrosion resistance in harsh environments.

Which one to choose?

Deciding which grade of aluminium to use depends on the application’s needs. If you need excellent strength and machinability, the 2007 grade is the best choice. However, if corrosion resistance, medium strength, and weldability are essential, the 6082 grade is the ideal material.


Now that you understand the comparison between Aluminium 2007 and 6082, choosing the ideal aluminium grade for your project should be more straightforward. The aluminium grades have different characteristics and properties, making them suitable for unique applications. Choosing the ideal grade based on the specific application requirements is crucial. For further guidance on selecting the right aluminium grade, consult an expert.

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