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Brass alloy 360 composition

Brass Alloys 360

Brass alloy 360 is a popular and dependable brass alloy that’s often used for automotive, electrical, and plumbing applications. But what makes this alloy so dependable? Let’s explore the composition of brass alloy 360 and find out what makes it so special.

What is Brass Alloy 360?

Brass alloy 360 is a type of brass that belongs to the alpha-beta family. It contains varying amounts of zinc, copper, iron, manganese, lead, and tin. This mixture creates an alloy that is both strong and malleable, making it perfect for all sorts of applications in which strength and flexibility are required.

  • Copper: 61.5%
  • Zinc: 35.5%
  • Lead: 3.0%
  • Iron: 0.35%

Zinc Content

The zinc content of brass alloy 360 varies between 28% – 33%. When combined with other elements such as copper or iron, zinc helps to increase hardness while still maintaining ductility. The zinc also acts as a corrosion inhibitor which further contributes to the longevity of this particular brass alloy.

Copper Content

The copper content in brass alloy 360 can range from 56% – 63%. Copper has an incredibly high thermal conductivity, making it useful for heat transfer applications requiring high temperatures or rapid cooling times. It also has excellent electrical conductivity properties, which make it ideal for electrical applications such as wire harnesses or switchgear components.


By combining zinc and copper with other elements such as iron, manganese, lead, and tin in specific ratios, brass alloy 360 achieves its desired level of strength and flexibility for use in various automotive, plumbing, and electrical applications. The combination of these materials allows the alloy to resist corrosion while maintaining its structural integrity at high temperatures or under pressure. With its unique blend of properties, it’s easy to see why this particular type of brass is so popular among engineers who need to select just the suitable material for their projects.

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