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Buffing Brass with Dremel Tool – What’s the Difference

Buffing Brass with Dremel Tool

If you’re restoring furniture or other items with brass components, buffing out scratches and tarnished spots is necessary to make them look like new. A Dremel tool can help you get the job done quickly and easily. Read on to learn how!



Preparing Your Work Area

Before starting the buffing process, it is important to prepare your work area. Put down a drop cloth or old sheet and lay out your items in an organized fashion. Clean the brass first with soap and water, then wipe down with rubbing alcohol. This will clear away any dirt that could cause scratches during the buffing process.

Attaching the Polishing Wheel & Applying Polishing Compound

Attach a polishing wheel onto your Dremel tool, making sure it fits securely before using. Select a polishing compound that best suits your particular piece—for example, rouge is better for jewelry than brass cleaner would be because it won’t leave any residue behind. Apply a small amount of polishing compound directly onto the wheel before turning on the Dremel tool. You should start off at low speed and then increase as needed until you reach your desired results. Now you are ready to begin buffing!

Buffs & Strokes

Start by making smooth back-and-forth strokes along the surface of each item; use light pressure when doing so. Once finished, progress to making circular motions over each spot that needs attention until it looks polished and shiny again. Make sure not to hold the Dremel tool in one spot for too long—this could cause discoloration or other unsightly marks on your item. As you go, keep wiping away excess compound with a damp cloth so that it doesn’t build up around screws or joints in any way (it could become difficult to remove if left there for too long).




When finished, use a dry cloth to wipe away any remaining polish from each piece of brass before reassembling them into whatever project you are working on. With these simple steps and some patience, you can restore tarnished brass components back to their original luster without having to buy brand new replacements! Whether restoring furniture or jewelry pieces, using a Dremel tool is an effective way for DIYers of all skill levels to bring out the best in their projects’ brass components quickly and easily!

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