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Chemical Composition of Inconel Wire Mesh

Chemical Composition of Inconel Wire Mesh

Inconel wire mesh is a strong, corrosion-resistant material that is widely used for industrial applications. But what exactly does it consist of? Let’s take a closer look at the chemical composition of this valuable material.

Inconel Wire Mesh Composition

Inconel wire mesh is made up of an alloy that contains a combination of chromium, nickel, and iron in various amounts. The exact amount varies depending on the specific Inconel grade. For example, Inconel 600 has higher levels of chromium and nickel than other grades, while Inconel 625 has higher levels of molybdenum and niobium.

Chemically speaking, Inconel wire mesh consists primarily of iron (Fe), chromium (Cr), and nickel (Ni). It also contains trace amounts of manganese (Mn) and silicon (Si). Additionally, some grades may contain other elements, such as molybdenum (Mo) or niobium (Nb). All these elements combine to form an alloy that is highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. This makes it an ideal choice for many industrial applications where durability is important.

In addition to its chemical composition, Inconel wire mesh also has several physical properties that make it an excellent choice for many applications. Its high tensile strength and resistance to oxidation at high temperatures make it ideal for use in extreme environments where temperatures can reach up to 2000°F (1093°C). It also has excellent electrical conductivity, which makes it suitable for use in electronics applications as well as power generation systems.


In summary, Inconel wire mesh consists primarily of iron, chromium, and nickel, with trace elements of manganese and silicon present in some grades. It also may contain additional elements, such as molybdenum or niobium, depending on the grade used. Overall, this combination provides a strong material with excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation, making it ideal for use in many industrial applications requiring durability under extreme conditions such as high temperatures or corrosive environments. Whether you are looking for a material for your next project or need something more specialized for your business needs, Inconel wire mesh may be the perfect solution!

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