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Cobalt Alloys – An Overview

Cobalt Alloys

Cobalt alloys are a type of metal that consists of cobalt, chromium, and other metals. They are used in a variety of applications, from aerospace components to medical implants. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common types of cobalt alloys and their uses.

Types of Cobalt Alloys

Cobalt alloys play a key role in various industries and have been used as a part of engineering materials for centuries. Through advances in metallurgy and processing, the types of cobalt alloys have increased dramatically to meet modern technological needs. There are now dozens of different forms of cobalt alloys that have varying characteristics based on their unique mixtures and compositions. Often, these alloys feature high corrosion resistance and magnetic properties, making them irreplaceable when it comes to producing precise components like gears and turbines. From Stellite to Supercobalt, understanding the different types of cobalt alloys can help professionals in multiple fields make informed project decisions.

Cobalt-Chromium Alloy (CoCr)

Cobalt-chromium alloy (CoCr) is one of the most popular types of cobalt alloys because it is resistant to corrosion and wear. It is used for medical implants such as prosthetics and orthopedic implants, as well as dental instruments like crowns and bridges due to its biocompatibility. Its high strength makes it ideal for aerospace components such as turbine blades, bearings, and spray nozzles. CoCr is also highly resistant to heat, making it a great option for industrial machinery parts that require high temperatures.

Cobalt-Nickel Alloy (CoNi)

Cobalt-nickel alloy (CoNi) is another popular type of cobalt alloy known for its excellent corrosion resistance and strength. It is often used in various industrial applications, including valves, pumps, bushings, and bearings. CoNi has also been found to be very effective in the production of electrical components due to its magnetic properties. Additionally, CoNi has excellent wear resistance properties, which make it an ideal choice for parts that require frequent use or long periods of operation without replacement or repair.

Cobalt Chrome Molybdenum Alloy (Como)

Cobalt chrome molybdenum alloy (Como) is an incredibly strong cobalt alloy with excellent wear resistance properties. This makes it an ideal choice for automotive components such as engine blocks, exhaust manifolds, and cylinder heads. Como is also used in aerospace components such as landing gear components due to its extreme strength and durability under high-stress conditions. Additionally, CoMo has been found to be effective in the production of medical implants due to its biocompatibility with human tissue.


Whether you need aerospace components or medical implants, there’s a type of cobalt alloy that can meet your needs! Cobalt alloys come in various forms, including cobalt-chromium alloy (CoCr), cobalt-nickel alloy (CoNi), and cobalt chrome molybdenum alloy (CoMo). Each type offers different benefits depending on the application; however, they are all highly durable materials with excellent corrosion resistance properties, making them perfect for use in many industries, including aerospace engineering and medicine! Whether you’re looking for engine blocks or dental crowns – there’s a type of cobalt alloy out there that can suit your needs!

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