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Cobalt Glass – Uses and Benefits

Versatility of Cobalt Glass

Have you ever seen something made of cobalt blue glass and wondered what makes it so special? Cobalt glass is a type of colored glass that has been used for hundreds of years, primarily because of its striking color and wide range of uses. Let’s take a closer look at the versatility of cobalt glass.

What is Cobalt Glass?

Cobalt glass is a type of colored glass made from cobalt oxide, which gives it its distinctive blue hue. It was first created by Englishman George Ravenscroft in 1675 when he discovered that adding cobalt oxide to molten glass would create a deep blue color. Since then, cobalt glass has been used for many different purposes, from decorative items to scientific instruments.

Cobalt Glass Uses

The most common use for cobalt glass is decorative items such as vases, dishes, and stemware. The rich blue color makes these pieces stand out and adds an elegant touch to any room’s decor. In addition to decorative items, cobalt glass can also be used to make lenses for telescopes and microscopes due to its unique optical properties. This type of lens helps reduce chromatic aberration (the distortion of light), which improves the clarity and accuracy of images taken with these instruments. Finally, cobalt glass can also be used as an x-ray filter in medical equipment due to its ability to absorb x-rays but pass visible light through them.

Advantages of Cobalt Glass

  • Expensive: Cobalt glass is more expensive than other types of glass, making it difficult to use in largescale projects.
  • Fragile: Cobalt glass is more fragile than other types of glass and can easily break or shatter if not handled properly.
  • Limited Uses: Cobalt glass is not suitable for all applications and has limited uses due to its fragility and expense.
  • Color Variations: Cobalt glass can vary in color depending on the amount of cobalt used in the manufacturing process, making it difficult to match colors for certain projects.


Cobalt glass has been around since the 1600s and continues to be used today in a variety of applications. From decorative vases to scientific instruments, this beautiful blue material has proven itself to be incredibly versatile over time! If you’re looking for something special or unique for your home or office space, consider incorporating some cobalt glass into your design scheme—you won’t regret it!

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