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Difference Between carbon steel and cast iron

carbon steel and cast iron

Carbon steel and cart iron are very similar. Therefore, they are often compared with one another. they both are durable and become more nonstick after every use. Carbon steel has 99 % iron and 1% carbon, whereas cast iron contains 97 to 98 % iron and 2 or 3 % carbon. The extra carbon in carbon steel makes it more brittle. Carbon steel and carbon iron are mostly used in cookware and households; therefore, they need to be strong to be used for longer periods of time. Carbon iron is more ductile than cast iron. Cast iron is less ductile compared to cast iron.

What is Cast Iron?

Cast iron is a hard metal made of 97% of iron and 3% of carbon which makes it hard. Cast iron is a metal alloy. Cast iron also has low melting temperature than other alloys. It contains silicon, manganese, and trace amounts of Sulphur and phosphorous well. Cast iron has 1 or 2 % of silicon. Cast iron is more brittle because of its high carbon content.

What is Carbon Steel?

Carbon steel is made by mixing iron and carbon. It has a higher melting point .it is made of 99% iron and 1 % carbon. Carbon steel is stronger than cast iron.

Major Differences Between Cast Iron and Carbon Steel


Cast Iron: It has been used for more than 1000 years in the construction of household items, tool-making, and ornaments. Cast iron is not malleable. Therefore it cannot be hammered into shape. It is a very sensitive metal; it may break while hammering it.

Carbon Steel:  It is a modern technique, starting from 1800 to 1900. carbon steel is malleable. It can be hammered into shape. It is less sensitive than cast iron; Carbon steel can be stamped, rolled, and forged into different shapes.


Cast Iron: Cast iron starts as a liquid and then is poured into a mold. Cast iron materials are made of a single piece of metal, for example, iron pots, pans, etc.

Carbon Steel: carbon steel starts as a sheet of metal. After it’s been heated, it can be molded into different shapes by a press machine, hand tools, etc.

Handles of carbon steel material are made separately and then attached with the

Heat Distribution

Cast iron: Cast iron heats slowly but retains it better than carbon steel because of its thick nature

Carbon steel: Compared to cast iron, carbon steel is more responsive to heat than carbon iron. Products made of Carbon steel cool down faster than carbon iron.

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