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What are the Different Types of Water Valves?

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Water flow in a factories, building etc. can be controlled by using numerous different plumbing Valves. In this blog, we will identify the properties and characteristics of all the different types of valves.

Ball Valve

The Ball Valves are made in the shape of a sphere. This sphere is rotatable and is manufactured with an opening in between. In the open position, the opening in the sphere is made according to the end of the pipe. When the valve is closed, the Pipe come in a perpendicular line with the sphere. The handle of the valve can also be used to indicate the opening or closing of the pipe. When the valve is opened, the pipe is parallel to the liver of the valve.

The Ball valves have positive stops. Therefore, they don’t require any flow control system. The valve stops are generally at 0, 45 and 90 degrees. They also provide a good seal when the valve is closed.

Gate Valve

In gate valves, a metal block is used to control the flow of the water. This metal block acts as a gate, which opens by raising and closes by lowering. A wheel or a knob is located at the top of the gate, which controls the amount of opening the valve provides. The Gate Valves do not show any indication of the opening or closing of the valve.

Though the gate valves can be used to provide a proper seal for the pipes, but they cannot be used for changing the flow in the pipe. The Gate valves can show the vulnerability against corrosion. This can result in the gate valves getting stuck in a position. The Valves are not very robust.

Butterfly Valve

The Butterfly valve contains a disc. This disc is made with regard to the inner diameter of the pipe. A liver is used to control the rotation of the disc. The disc is used to control the flow of the water in the pipe. A drop in the pressure is always seen in the butterfly valves. This is because the disc is always present inside of the water flow pipe.

The flow of the Butterfly valve is fairly accurate. They also provide a perfect seal with the help of a gasket.

Diaphragm Valve

The diaphragm valve is used to limit the flow of water in the piping system. They are very alike to the design of the Gate valves. They also contain a wheel or a knob, which adjusts the diaphragm to control the flow of water. The diaphragm is fitted and it seals the water flow by settling down on the saddle.

These valves are generally used to stop or shut the flow of water in the pipes.

Globe Valve

When the water flow is needed to be fastened or limited, a Globe valve can be used. The Globe valve comprises of a stopper, which lifts and lowers when the wheel on the valve rotates. The Flow is stopped by sealing the baffle with the stopper. These Globe valves are typically suitable for applications where the flow of the piping system is constantly fluctuating. They are also reliable for applications where the flow is to be restricted. These valves look like a ball or a globe. Thus, the name Globe valve.

Check Valve

When the water flow is to be maintained for one sided flow, the check valve can be used. The Check valves are commonly not operational. These valves use a ball to control the flow of the fluid in the pipe. The ball stops the flow, if the water is flown in the wrong direction. The Check valve can also contain a diaphragm, which uses a rubber disc or rotating flap to push and seal the opening of flow in wrong direction.

The Stop-check flow valve is an operational valve, making the flow to stop completely. This can also be sued to stop the right direction flow.

Pressure Balanced Valve

The Pressure valves are used for keeping the temperature in domestic piping systems, such as Showers and Bathtubs. The hot and cold water outlets are separated by a diaphragm, that is fixed in the middle of a pressure valve. These Valves tend to shift to limit the excessive flow of one opening, when the pressure in other opening is dropped. For example, when a toilet is flushed by cold water outlet, the how water is also let out if the pressure in cold pipe is decreased.

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