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Hastelloy Alloys And Its Composition 

Hastelloy Alloy Composition

Have you ever thought about what goes into making the tools, equipment, and materials that help us achieve everyday tasks? Many of these components are created from high-performance alloys such as Hastelloy. Did you know that this alloy is composed of several metals including nickel, chromium, molybdenum, copper, and tungsten? In this article, we will explore how these different elements work together to form an alloy with a wide range of qualities and use in industries like aerospace engineering and oil industry applications. Read on to learn more about why Hastelloy is one of the most popular alloys used today!

Hastelloy Alloys And Its Composition

Chemical composition of Hastelloy c276

Hastelloy C276 is a wrought nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy that is widely regarded as the most versatile corrosion-resistant alloy available. This alloy resists the formation of grain boundary precipitates in the weld heat-affected zone, making it suitable for most chemical process applications as welded. Alloy C-276 is highly resistant to a wide range of chemical environments.


Element Content (%)
Nickel, Ni 57
Molybdenum, Mo 15-17
Chromium, Cr 14.5-16.5
Iron, Fe 4-7
Tungsten, W 3-4.50
Cobalt, Co  2.50
Manganese, Mn  1
Vanadium, V  0.35
Silicon, Si  0.080
Phosphorous, P  0.025
Carbon, C  0.010
Sulfur, S  0.010

Hastelloy X composition

Hastelloy X is a nickel-based alloy with high strength and oxidation resistance up to 2200°F. In petrochemical applications, it has also been found to be highly resistant to stress-corrosion cracking. The alloy has exceptional forming and welding properties.

Element Content (%)
Cr, Chromium 20.5-23
Fe, Iron 17-20
Mo, Molybdenum 8-10
Mn, Manganese 1 max
Si, Silicon 1 max
Ti, Titanium 0.15 max
Co, Cobalt 0.5-2.5
Al, Aluminium 0.5 max
Cu, Copper 0.5 max
C, Carbon 0.05-0.15
P, Phosphorus 0.04 max
S, Sulphur 0.03 max
W, Tungsten 0.2-1
B, Boron 0.008 max
Ni, Nickel Remainder

Hastelloy c22 composition

Hastelloy C-22 is used in high chloride and temperature applications such as buffer solutions, fabric softeners, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), cleaning supplies, and fish, soy, and chilli sauce.

Element Content (%)
Chromium, Cr 20-22.5
Molybdenum, Mo 12.5-14.5
Tungsten, W 2.5-3.5
Cobalt, Co 2.5 min
Iron, Fe 2-6
Manganese. Mn 0.5 max
Vanadium, V 0.35 min
Silicon, Si 0.08 max
Phosphorus, P 0.02 max
Sulfur, S 0.02 max
Carbon, C 0.015 max
Nickel, Ni Remainder


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