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Hastelloy C276 vs SS316 – What’s the Difference

Hastelloy C276 vs SS316

When it comes to selecting the right material for industrial applications, there are many factors that need to be taken into account. Two popular materials that are often compared are Hastelloy C276 and SS316. Both of these materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, so let’s compare the two in order to decide which one is the better option.

Difference Between Hastelloy C276 and SS316

Durability & Corrosion Resistance

Hastelloy C276 has superior durability and corrosion resistance when compared to SS316. This makes it an ideal choice for applications that require extreme levels of resistance against corrosion, such as chemical processing, pulp and paper manufacturing, marine environments, etc. It is also resistant to pitting and stress-corrosion cracking, even in high-temperature or acidic environments. On the other hand, SS316 has good corrosion resistance but not as much as Hastelloy C276. It can resist chlorides, mild acids, and solvents but is susceptible to pitting and crevice corrosion in warm chloride environments.

Strength & Formability

SS316 is stronger than Hastelloy C276 by a small margin due to its higher chromium content (18% vs 16%). However, both materials have excellent strength-to-weight ratios, which make them suitable for many engineering applications. In terms of formability, both materials can be easily formed into complex shapes without sacrificing any of their properties. They can also be machined using conventional techniques, with excellent surface finishes being achieved with minimal effort.

Cost & Availability

This is where SS316 really shines; it is cheaper than Hastelloy C276 by a significant amount due to its lower cost of production. In addition, it is more widely available than Hastelloy C276 due to its popularity among manufacturers worldwide. This makes it easier for engineers and metal workers to source this material quickly and at competitive prices.


So if you’re looking for a material that offers superior durability and corrosion resistance while still offering good strength and formability, then Hastelloy C276 should be your go-to choice. However, if you’re looking for something that offers good performance at a lower cost, then SS316 might be the better option for you. Ultimately what matters most is finding the right balance between performance and cost depending on your specific application requirements!

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