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How Hard is Mild Steel – An Overview

How Hard is Mild Steel

Mild steel is a popular material used in many different industries due to its versatility and affordability. But how hard is it? This blog post will explore the hardness of mild steel, why it’s so important, and how to measure hardness.

What Exactly Is Hardness?

Hardness refers to a material’s resistance to deformation or indentation. It is often associated with strength, but it is not the same thing as strength. Think of it this way: if you were to place a weight on top of a piece of paper, the paper would deform, whereas if you were to place that same weight on top of a piece of steel, the steel would remain unchanged. That’s because steel has a greater hardness than paper.

How Is Hardness Measured?

The most common method for measuring the hardness of mild steel is through the Rockwell scale. The Rockwell Scale measures hardness using three different scales (A, B and C), which range from softest (0) to hardest (100). For example, mild steel typically scores between 50-90 on the Rockwell C scale, which means it can be quite hard depending on its composition. To put that into perspective, common materials like copper score between 20-50 on this scale, while tungsten carbide scores between 90-100.

Why Is Mild Steel Hardness Important?

Mild steels are widely used in industrial applications due to their ability to withstand high temperatures and resist corrosion better than other metals like aluminium or brass. Knowing how hard mild steels are can help engineers accurately select the right type of mild steel for their project. Additionally, understanding the hardness of mild steels can help manufacturers determine whether their products will stand up against wear and tear over time without requiring frequent repairs or replacements.


Mild steel is a popular material due to its versatility and affordability but also because it can be quite strong when needed for certain applications. The best way to measure its strength is through the Rockwell scale, where mild steels usually score between 50-90 depending on their composition. Knowing how hard mild steels are helping both engineers and manufacturers determine whether they are suitable for certain projects or products that require durability over time without frequent repairs or replacements. Understanding hardness helps ensure that you select the right material for your application!

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