ThePipingMart Blog Metals How Thick Is 20 Gauge Mild Steel – An Overview

How Thick Is 20 Gauge Mild Steel – An Overview

How Thick Is 20 Gauge Mild Steel

If you’re in the market for steel, understanding steel gauge thickness is essential. Steel gauge thickness measures the physical size of a sheet of steel, providing valuable information about its weight and strength. This guide will help you better understand why steel gauge thickness is important and how it’s measured.

What Is Steel Gauge Thickness?

Steel gauge thickness measures the physical size of a sheet of steel. It’s an industry-standard measurement that helps customers determine the weight, strength, and overall value of a piece of steel. The lower the number on the gauge, the thicker and heavier a piece of steel will be—and subsequently, more expensive.

How Is Steel Gauge Thickness Measured?

The steel gauge thickness is measured using a unit known as “mils” (or thousandths). A mil is equal to 0.001 inches or 0.0254 millimetres. To measure steel gauge thickness, start by determining its weight in pounds per square foot (PSF). To do this, multiply its length by width by its PSF rating; for example, if you have a piece of mild steel with dimensions of 1 foot by 10 feet and a PSF rating of 20gauge/mildsteelthickness_20gauge_mildsteelthickness_20gauge_mildsteelthickness20 gage/mil (0.0315 inches), then your calculations should look like this:  1 ft x 10 ft x .0315 = 0.315 PSF rating for 20gauge/mil mild steel thickness.

Then divide that total number by 1000 to get your mil measurement; in this case, it would be 0.315 mils for 20 gauge/mil mild steel thickness, so your calculations would look like this: 0.315 / 1000 = 0.000315 mils. As you can see from these calculations, 20-gauge mild steel has an approximate thickness of 0.3 inches or 0.76 millimetres—a thin but durable material perfect for many projects!


If you’re working with any type of metal or alloy material, understanding what each type’s associated gauge measurements are can be invaluable when selecting materials for your project needs — particularly when precision matters most! With this guide to understanding what 20-gauge mild steel is, you now have all the information you need to select the best materials for any project! And if you’re ever unsure about which gauge measurement best suits your needs, feel free to reach out to our team at Metric Marketing – we’d be happy to help answer any questions you may have!

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