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How to Arc Weld Stainless Steel – An Overview

How to Arc Weld Stainless Steel

Arc welding is a popular form of welding and is especially useful for stainless steel. Arc welding involves using an electric current to produce heat, which melts the metal that needs to be welded. This melting creates a bond between two pieces of metal, allowing them to become one. This blog post will discuss how to arc weld stainless steel and the tips and tricks you need to know before you get started!

Gather Your Gear

The first step in arc welding is gathering the proper gear and supplies. You will need a power source from a generator or wall outlet and an arc welding machine. Additionally, you should have safety gear such as gloves and a face shield and other tools such as clamps and an angle grinder. Finally, you’ll need electrodes specifically designed for stainless steel welding, such as stainless steel 308L electrodes.

Prepare The Metal

Once your gear is ready, you can start preparing your workpiece. You’ll want to clean the surface of the metal by grinding off any rust or debris with an angle grinder or similar tool. Once it’s clean, clamp the two pieces together tightly, so they are aligned correctly before starting your welds.

Create Your Welds

Now it’s time to start laying down your weld beads! Start by setting your machine correctly according to its manual settings; generally speaking, you’ll need an amperage range between 100-200 amps when arc welding stainless steel. When ready, strike an arc away from the workpiece and slowly bring it to close until it barely touches the surface of the metal—this will create a small spark that acts as your guide when starting each bead. Now begin running your beads along the joint while keeping steady pressure on both sides of your electrode (this prevents spattering). Keep each bead at least 1/8″ apart to fuse properly when cooled down later.


Arc welding stainless steel can initially seem difficult, but with a few tips and practice, anyone can pick up this skill quickly! By ensuring that all necessary supplies are gathered beforehand and then taking care when cleaning and prepping the workpiece before beginning work on creating welds themselves, one can quickly learn how to easily make strong bonds between two pieces of stainless steel! With enough practice, anyone can soon become a master at arc welding stainless steel!

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