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How to Bend Brass Bar – An Overview

How to Bend Brass Bar

Have you ever wanted to know how to bend a brass bar? Whether it’s for an art project or a home repair, knowing how to bend brass bars can be a useful skill. It isn’t as hard as it looks, and with some practice and patience, you can bend brass like a pro in no time.

Preparing the Brass Bar

Before you begin bending, you will want to make sure that the brass bar is properly prepared. Start by measuring the length of the piece of brass that you are planning on bending. You will need this measurement when it comes time to measure your bends later in the process. Be sure that the ends of each piece are cut cleanly with no burrs or jagged edges. This will help reduce any potential cracking when you start to apply pressure.

Using a Vice

The most common way to bend brass bars is by using a vice. Make sure that your vice is securely attached to either a bench or table before attempting any bends. Once your vice is secure, place the piece of brass in between the two sides of the jaws and line up where your bend needs to occur. Slowly increase pressure on the handle of the vice until you have reached your desired angle. Note: Be careful not to apply too much pressure, as this could cause cracks in your metal surface which will weaken its integrity over time.

Using Heat

Another way that you can bend the brass bar is by heating it up first before attempting any bends. This method requires much more caution than using a vice, as heat can easily damage delicate pieces of metal if not used correctly. Start by setting up some sort of fireproof surface, such as sand or clay, where you plan on doing your heating and cooling processes safely away from any flammable materials or objects nearby. Place your piece of brass onto this surface and light up your torch until it reaches about 1000°F (538°C). Then, slowly move the flame along your piece until it has been evenly heated across its entire surface area before attempting any kind of bends or twists with pliers or other tools designed for metalworking tasks like these.


The bending brass bar doesn’t have to be intimidating! With some practice and patience, anyone can learn how to do it correctly in no time at all! Whether you choose to use a vice or heat up your metal first, make sure that safety precautions are taken and followed closely at all times! With these tips in mind, get ready to craft masterpieces out of bent brass bars! Good luck!

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