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How to Bend Brass without Breaking It

How to Bend Brass without Breaking It

Brass is a metal alloy made up of copper and zinc and is widely used in the manufacturing of musical instruments, jewelry, and even electrical components. Its malleability means it can be bent into almost any shape without losing its strength. However, it’s still important to take the proper steps to ensure you don’t break your brass while bending it. Here are some tips on how to bend brass without breaking it.

Heat Your Brass First

Before attempting to bend your brass, make sure you heat it first. Heating your brass before bending makes it easier for the metal to shift and mold into the desired shape. You can use either a blowtorch or an electric heating tool like a soldering iron for this step. Just make sure that whichever tool you choose keeps the heat exposure time short so as not to damage the metal with too much heat.

Use a Wooden Block

It’s also important to use something called a wooden block when bending brass. A wooden block provides support when bending your brass so that you can achieve the desired angle without cracking or breaking your piece. Place the wooden block underneath where you will be bending your brass and apply pressure accordingly until you have achieved the desired angle or curve. Additionally, if you have any thin pieces of brass, avoid using wooden blocks, as they may damage them by leaving marks on their surface. Instead, opt for something softer like rubber or felt-like material that won’t leave marks on delicate pieces of metalwork.

Use Pliers for Support

Using pliers is another way to help protect your brass from breaking while bending it. The pliers will provide another layer of support during the process and will help reduce any stress placed on your piece while being bent into its new shape. Make sure that when using pliers, they are small enough so as not to leave any marks on your piece but still large enough so that they are able to provide enough support during the process.


Bending brass doesn’t have to be difficult—it just requires patience and careful preparation! With these simple tips in mind, anyone should be able to successfully bend their own pieces of brass without having them break apart or crack during the process! Whether you’re looking to create jewelry pieces or just want something decorative around your home, using these steps will ensure that whatever project you’re working on turns out perfectly every time!

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