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How to Bend Copper Pipe into a Perfect Circle

How to Bend Copper Pipe into a Perfect Circle

Copper pipes are versatile and can be used for various projects. They are often installed in homes to provide plumbing and gas lines, but they can also be used in craft projects. One common project is bending copper pipe into a circle shape. If you’re new to this process, it might seem intimidating, but it’s actually quite simple! Let’s take a look at the steps required to bend copper pipe into a perfect circle.



Tools You’ll Need

First things first—you need to collect the tools that you’ll need for the job. To start off, you’ll need a few lengths of copper pipe. Depending on the size of your circle, you’ll want to get at least four feet of pipe for every inch of circumference in your desired circle shape. You will also need a tube bender or an appropriate die set for your bender. And lastly, you’ll need some lubricant to ensure that your bends are smooth and don’t cause any kinks in the copper pipe when bending it around the die set.

Bending Around The Die Set

Now that you have all of your tools collected, it’s time to start bending! Begin by placing the end of your copper pipe inside of the die set and securing it with a pair of pliers or vice grips if necessary. Make sure that the end is flat against one side of the die set, as this will allow for easier and smoother bends once you begin working with it. Once secured, apply some lubricant onto the outside surface of the copper pipe so that it slides easily while being bent around without causing any friction or damage to its surface (this is especially important if using a hand bender). With everything ready, begin slowly pushing down on different areas along the length of the copper pipe until it forms an even circle with no kinks or bumps along its circumference.

Go Slowly & Carefully

As with any project involving metal-bending techniques, patience is key when bending copper pipes into circles! Take your time and go slowly while pushing down on different areas along its length so that everything remains even throughout each bend. Pay extra attention when approaching tight corners—if these aren’t done properly, then they can cause stress fractures within the metal which may lead to breaks or leaks further down the line (no pun intended!). Finally, make sure to take regular breaks as bending metal can be strenuous work; having plenty of rest between bends will help ensure accuracy and safety throughout each step!




Bending copper piping into circles is not as difficult as some may think—it just takes patience and practice! With just a few lengths of coil tubing, some lubricant, and either a tube bender or an appropriate die set for your bender, you can create beautiful circles out of thin air! So go ahead—try out this technique today and see what amazing shapes await you! Best wishes from DIY enthusiasts everywhere!

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