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How to Bend Copper Pipe with a Conduit Bender

How to Bend Copper Pipe with a Conduit Bender

If you’re looking for an easy and safe way to bend copper pipe for your plumbing project, then using a conduit bender is the perfect solution. A conduit bender is specially designed to bend metal pipes of various sizes and shapes without damaging them. In this blog post, we will show you how to use a conduit bender correctly so that you can finish your plumbing project with ease.



How to Bend Copper Pipe

Step 1: Measure Your Pipe Length & Mark It

Before bending any pipe, always measure its length and mark it with a felt-tip pen or another marking tool. This will help ensure that the bent pipe has the correct dimensions needed for it to fit into your plumbing system properly.

Step 2: Place Your Pipe in the Conduit Bender

Once you have marked your pipe correctly, place it in the conduit bender so that the mark is aligned with the centerline of the bender. Make sure that the end of the pipe is flush against the stop on the side of the bender. This will ensure that when you apply pressure, you won’t overbend or damage your pipe.

Step 3: Apply Pressure & Bend The Pipe

Now it’s time to start bending your copper pipe! Gently apply pressure on both sides of the handle until you reach your desired angle of bend. Keep in mind that most conduit benders require between 30-40lbs of force per square inch (PSI) to successfully bend hard metals such as copper pipes. Once you have reached your desired angle, release pressure on both sides of the handle and remove your bent copper pipe from the bender.




Bending copper pipes with a conduit bender is an easy and safe way to get professional results for any plumbing project. As long as you follow these simple steps, you should be able to easily bend copper pipes without damaging them or risking injury. We hope this guide has helped make your next plumbing project easier and more successful! Happy piping!

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