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How to Blue Mild Steel?

Blue Mild Steel

Bluing mild steel is a process for protecting your metal from rust and corrosion. This process involves adding a protective layer of oxide on the surface of the steel that helps repel moisture and other substances that can cause oxidation. Bluing mild steel is a great way to protect your metal from the elements, but it’s important to know how to do it properly to get the best results.

What is Bluing?

Bluing is a chemical treatment used to make iron and steel rust-resistant by forming an oxide coating. This coating helps prevent rust and corrosion, which can cause damage over time. The bluing process adds a thin layer of oxidation to the surface of the metal that acts as a barrier against moisture, oxygen, and other substances that can lead to oxidation.

Why Blu Mild Steel?

When it comes to protecting your metal from rust and corrosion, bluing mild steel is one of the best ways to do so. Unlike other methods like painting or powder coating, bluing does not require any special equipment or complex tools; all you need is some chemicals and access to heat sources such as an open flame or furnace. Additionally, bluing adds a natural coloration that gives your metal an attractive finish while still offering protection from the elements.

How To Blue Mild Steel

To blue mild steel correctly, you will need some basic supplies such as bluing salts, gun oil, cotton swabs, wire brush, and clean rags. Start by preparing your work area by cleaning it with water and soap; dust and dirt can interfere with the bluing process, so make sure everything is clean before starting. Next, use a wire brush or sandpaper to remove any rust spots or scale buildup on your mild steel piece; this will ensure better adhesion when you apply the bluing solution later on. Once you’ve prepped your work area, it’s time for application: heat up your piece until it’s hot enough for bluing (about 400°F), then apply a light coat of gun oil followed by two coats of hot bluing salt solution using cotton swabs or rags. Finally, let your piece cool down naturally before wiping off excess gun oil with clean rags; this will give you an even finish without any streaks or lines.


Bluing mild steel provides an excellent way to protect your metal from rust and corrosion while still achieving an attractive finish. With some basic supplies like bluing salts and gun oil, along with access to heat sources like open flames or furnaces, anyone can successfully complete this process at home without needing any special tools or equipment. By following these steps carefully, you should have no problem creating beautiful pieces out of mild steel that will last for years!

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