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How to Clean Carbon Steel – A Complete Guide

How to Clean Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is a popular choice for kitchen knives, as it is durable and easy to sharpen. However, like any knife, carbon steel needs regular care and maintenance to keep it looking its best. This blog post will look at the steps you should take to keep your carbon steel knife clean and sharp.

Cleaning Your Carbon Steel Knife

The first step in keeping your carbon steel knife tip-top shape is cleaning it after use. To do this, you’ll want to start by rinsing off the blade with warm water and dish soap. Next, gently scrub the blade with a soft cloth or sponge with a bit of dish soap. Finally, rinse the blade off again before wiping it dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.

It would help if you also were sure never to put your carbon steel knife in the dishwasher—the harsh detergents can damage the blade’s finish over time.

Sharpening Your Carbon Steel Knife

To keep your carbon steel knife sharp and ready for use, you should sharpen it regularly using an appropriate sharpening stone or grinding wheel. Start by wetting the stone or wheel before gently running the blade along its surface at about 20 degrees from a perpendicular angle. You’ll want to ensure that you’re applying even pressure throughout each pass—this will ensure you get an even edge all around the blade’s length. Once you’re done sharpening your blade, rinse off any metal shavings that may have accumulated during the process and dry thoroughly before storing them away safely.

Protecting Your Carbon Steel Knife

Finally, suppose you’ll be storing your carbon steel knife for extended periods of time (especially outdoors). In that case, you’ll want to take extra precautions to protect it from rusting or tarnishing. One way you can do this is by coating the blade with oil—any food-grade oil will work fine here—before wrapping it up in a cloth or paper towel before storage. This will help keep the rust away while preventing other metals from coming into contact with your knife’s blade during storage which could cause corrosion over time.


Keeping your carbon steel knife clean and sharp requires some effort but is worth doing if you want your knife to last for many years down the line! From regularly cleaning and sharpening your blades after use to protecting them for long-term storage, following these tips will help ensure that your carbon steel remains in top condition for years! So don’t forget—a little bit of care goes a long way to keep your blades looking their best!

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