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How to Cut Steel with a Circular Saw?

How to Cut Steel with a Circular Saw?

Using a circular saw is one of the best options for those looking for an efficient and powerful way to cut steel. This method is often used by professional tradespeople and DIYers alike. It requires fewer tools than other methods, such as oxy-fuel cutting or plasma cutting, making it an excellent choice for anyone who needs to make quick steel cuts. Read on to discover how to cut steel with a circular saw safely.

Choose the Right Blade

When cutting steel with a circular saw, the first step is choosing the right blade. A carbide-tipped knife should be used for metal cutting because these blades are made from materials that can withstand the heat generated during the cutting process. You will also want to ensure that your knife has at least 18 teeth per inch (TPI) to provide a smooth cut through the steel.

Secure Your Workpiece

Regardless of what type of material you’re cutting, securing your workpiece firmly before starting is essential. Working with steel becomes even more critical since any movement while you’re missing could cause serious injury due to flying debris or kickback from the saw. To avoid this, use heavy-duty clamps when securing your workpiece in place.

Make Sure You Have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

It would help to have personal protective equipment (PPE) when working with power tools like circular saws. This includes safety glasses or goggles, hearing protection, gloves, long pants and closed-toe shoes that can protect your feet if something goes wrong while operating the tool. Proper PPE will help ensure that you stay safe while using your circular saw on steel projects.


Cutting steel with a circular saw can efficiently get tough jobs done quickly and easily. However, it would help if you took all necessary precautions when using this tool on metal projects so that you don’t accidentally injure yourself or damage property around you. Be sure to choose the right blade for the job, secure your workpiece firmly before starting, and always wear personal protective equipment when operating power tools like circular saws. With these tips in mind, anyone can safely and effectively cut steel with their circular saw!

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