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How to Make Mild Steel?

How to make mild steel

Have you ever wondered how mild steel is made? Mild steel is an alloy created from iron and carbon, and it’s one of the most common materials used in manufacturing. It is strong, durable, and relatively inexpensive to produce. In this blog post, we will take a look at the process of making mild steel so that you can better understand what goes into creating this versatile material.

Process of Making Mild Steel

Making mild steel begins with a process called smelting. Smelting requires heat and a fuel source to break down ore into its component parts. The ore used in making mild steel is typically iron ore which contains a high concentration of iron and varying amounts of other elements like silicon, sulfur, manganese, phosphorus, and oxygen. To make mild steel, these ingredients are heated in a furnace until they form molten metal, known as pig iron.

Next comes the refining process, which removes impurities from the pig iron, such as carbon monoxide. This is done by blowing hot air through the melted metal, which causes oxygen to combine with the carbon monoxide molecules in order to create carbon dioxide; this process also raises the temperature of the metal to over 2000° F (1093°C). Once all impurities have been eliminated from the metal, it can be cooled and formed into shapes for use in construction or manufacturing projects.

Finally, adding more carbon to the molten metal creates what is known as wrought iron or mild steel; this increases its strength and makes it more suitable for building structures that need additional support, such as bridges or large buildings. The amount of carbon added determines exactly how strong or hard the resulting material will be, so careful consideration must be taken when deciding how much should be added during this process.

  • The process of making mild steel begins with the mining of iron ore.
  • The iron ore is then crushed and screened to size.
  • The crushed iron ore is then mixed with coke and limestone and placed in a blast furnace.
  • The blast furnace heats the iron ore to a high temperature, causing it to react with the coke and limestone to form molten steel.
  • The molten steel is then poured into molds to create various shapes and sizes of mild steel.


Mild steel is an incredibly common material due to its strength and affordability. It has countless uses across many industries, including construction, automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding, toolmaking, and many others. By understanding how mild steel is made, you can better appreciate just what goes into creating this versatile material that plays such an important role in our everyday lives! Knowing more about its production can help you make informed decisions when selecting materials for your next project!

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