ThePipingMart Blog Metals How to Make Shiny Brass Matte – A Complete Guide

How to Make Shiny Brass Matte – A Complete Guide

How to Make Shiny Brass Matte

Do you want to give your brass fixtures a new look? You can take that shiny brass and give it a matte finish with a few simple steps. Whether you’re looking for an aged look or want to change the colour of your metal, this guide will show you how to make shiny brass matte.

What You’ll Need

Before you begin, make sure you have all of the necessary supplies. You’ll need some fine-grit sandpaper, steel wool, rubbing alcohol, primer, and paint. The grit of the sandpaper is more important than ensuring it is not too coarse; otherwise, it could leave deep scratch marks on your metal surface. Steel wool works best for removing tarnish and dirt from the surface of brass objects; if you don’t have steel wool on hand, try using a soft cloth instead. Rubbing alcohol helps degrease your object before painting and should be combined with steel wool or cloth. Finally, you’ll need primer and paint to give your brass object its desired final colour.

Sanding Down Your Brass Object

The first step is to sand down areas with scratches or other imperfections to create a smooth surface. This helps ensure that the paint will stick properly and looks more even when finished. Start using fine-grit sandpaper and work in small circular motions until the entire surface is smooth. Work carefully around any edges or details to avoid damaging them too much while sanding. Once you’ve finished sanding down your object, use steel wool (or a soft cloth) soaked in rubbing alcohol to remove any residue or dirt from the surface.

Painting Your Brass Object

Now that your object has been prepped and cleaned, it’s time to apply primer and paint! First, apply an even layer of primer over the entire thing with a clean brush or roller—this helps ensure better adhesion for the paint once applied. Allow this primer layer to dry completely before moving on to the next step. When applying paint, use long strokes across the entire piece length to create an even coverage over the whole object; if needed, do multiple thin coats instead of one thick coat for better coverage results. To finish off your project, use steel wool (or a soft cloth) soaked in rubbing alcohol one last time after allowing everything ample time to dry completely before touching up any remaining areas needing attention, such as nooks & crannies etc…


Giving your old brass objects an entirely new look doesn’t have to be hard! With just some fine-grit sandpaper, steel wool (or a soft cloth), rubbing alcohol, primer, and paint, you can quickly transform shiny brass into matte finishes that fit perfectly into any home décor style! By following these steps carefully and taking extra care with prep work, such as cleaning & sanding down surfaces beforehand—you can achieve excellent results without having professional help every step along the way! Now get out there & start transforming those dull old pieces into something new & exciting! Happy crafting!

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