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How to Melt Copper – An Overview

How to Melt Copper

Copper is a beautiful, malleable metal with many applications. From jewelry-making to electrical wiring and beyond, copper has been used in countless ways throughout history. But before you can use it in any form, you have to melt it down first. Doing so requires the right equipment and knowledge of the process. Here’s what you need to know about melting copper at home.

Equipment Needed for Melting Copper

If you plan to melt down copper at home, you’ll need some specialized equipment. This includes a crucible—a container made from refractory material (such as clay, graphite, or ceramic) that can withstand the intense heat required for melting metals—and a propane torch or furnace capable of reaching temperatures up to 1,984 degrees Celsius (3,621 degrees Fahrenheit). You’ll also need protective gear such as safety glasses, a face shield, and heavy-duty gloves. Of course, if safety isn’t your top priority, then you can always opt for an electric furnace instead of a propane one—just remember that electric furnaces use much more energy than their gas counterparts.

Melting Down Copper Properly

Once you have your supplies ready, it’s time to get melting! Start by heating up the crucible until it’s red hot (although not too hot!), then add your copper into the crucible in small chunks or pieces. Use your torch or furnace to then heat up the copper until it melts into liquid form—this should take about 10 minutes, depending on how much copper you’re working with. Once all the chunks are melted down completely, remove the crucible from your source of heat and let it cool off before pouring out the molten liquid into molds or other containers for later use. As always, when working with heated materials like this one – be sure to wear proper protective gear and keep an eye out for any unexpected splashes of molten metal!


Molten copper is an incredibly useful resource that can be used in a variety of different applications—from jewelry-making to plumbing and beyond! If you want to work with melted copper yourself but don’t know where to start – follow this guide for all the information necessary on how to safely melt down copper at home! With the right supplies and knowledge in hand – anyone can become a pro at melting metals like copper in no time! By following these simple steps –you’ll soon be enjoying all the benefits that come with working with molten copper! Good luck!

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