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How to Oxidize Zinc Metal?

How to Oxidize Zinc Metal

If you’re looking for a simple, cost-effective way to oxidize zinc metal, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will walk you through the process step by step and explain why it works. Intended Audience: DIYers and those interested in metalsmithing

Oxidizing Zinc Metal with Vinegar and Salt

Oxidizing zinc metal is possible with vinegar and salt. This method is great for DIYers because it requires no special tools or equipment. All you need is white vinegar, table salt (sodium chloride), and a shallow container or dish large enough to hold your piece of zinc metal.

To begin, combine equal parts white vinegar and table salt in the dish. The ratio should be 1 part vinegar to one part salt; for example, one cup of each would suffice. Then submerge your piece of zinc metal into the mixture until the liquid completely covers it. Allow the piece of zinc to sit in the mixture for 24 hours before removing it from the dish. During this time, a thin layer of oxidation will form on top of the surface of the metal.

After 24 hours, remove your piece of zinc from the solution and rinse it off with warm water until all traces of salt are removed. Then allow it to dry completely before handling it again. As an optional step, you can also use steel wool or sandpaper to buff away any remaining residue from the surface of the metal before applying a coating or sealant if desired.


Oxidizing zinc metal is easy at home using white vinegar and table salt as your materials! By combining these two ingredients in a shallow container or dish and submerging your piece of zinc into them for 24 hours, you’ll end up with a beautiful oxidation on top of its surface that will add depth and character to whatever project you’re working on! With that said, remember not to leave your piece submerged in the mixture for too long; after 24 hours have passed, be sure to remove it from the solution and rinse off any remaining residue before drying it off so that you can enjoy its new look! Thanks for reading!

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