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How to Remove Green Corrosion from Metal – A Complete Guide

How to remove Green Corrosion from metal

Have you ever noticed green corrosion on your metal items? This is caused by a chemical reaction between the metal and moisture in the air, resulting in oxidation. This can be an unsightly problem that can damage your items if not addressed properly. Fortunately, there are ways to remove this corrosion without damaging the metal underneath. Read on to learn how to remove green corrosion from metal.


Gather Your Supplies

Before you start trying to remove the green corrosion from your metal item, make sure you have all the necessary supplies. The most important item is white vinegar—it’s essential for removing the corrosion without damaging the underlying metal. You’ll also need a scrub sponge or brush, an old toothbrush (optional), a soft cloth, and some baking soda (also optional).

Soak It in White Vinegar

The first step is to soak your item in white vinegar for at least 10 minutes. If possible, place it in a container so that it is fully submerged; otherwise, just make sure it’s completely covered with vinegar. After 10 minutes, take it out and use your scrub sponge or brush to gently scrub away at the green corrosion. You can also use an old toothbrush if needed for more stubborn areas.

Rinse with Water and Dry

Once you’ve removed as much of the green corrosion as possible, rinse off your item with water and dry it with a soft cloth. If there are still some stubborn spots left behind, sprinkle some baking soda over them and then scrub them again with a damp cloth or brush before rinsing them with water again.



Green corrosion can be unsightly and damaging to your metal items if not addressed properly. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to remove using white vinegar and other household items like baking soda and a sponge or brush. With just 10 minutes of soaking time followed by gentle scrubbing and rinsing away any residue, you can get rid of that pesky green corrosion once and for all! Now that you know how simple it is to do this task yourself, why wait? Get started today!

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