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How to Repair Brass Plating – A Complete Guide

How to Repair Brass Plating

When it comes to antique furniture, brass plating is a common feature. But over time, brass plating can become tarnished and scratched, leaving your furniture looking dull and worn. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to repair your brass plating and restore its original shine. Read on to learn how you can get your antique furniture looking new again!



Preparing the Brass Plating

The first step in repairing your brass plating is to prepare the area. Start by wiping down the surface with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust. Once dry, use a soft-bristled brush or toothbrush to scrub away any stubborn dirt or grime that may be stuck in the crevices of the plated metal. Once the surface is clean and dry, it’s time to begin the repair process.

Applying a Metal Polish

Metal polish is an effective way to restore shine and bring life back into your brass plating. Start by applying a small amount of metal polish directly onto the brass plating using a soft cloth; be sure not to apply too much, as this could cause streaking or discolouration. Rub the polish into the surface using circular motions, then buff off any excess with a clean, dry cloth until you reach your desired level of shine. The more you buff, the brighter your results will be!

Removing Rust Spots

Unfortunately, rust spots are a common occurrence when it comes to antique furniture with brass plating. If you find yourself dealing with rusty spots on your furniture’s brass plate, don’t worry—there are ways you can remove them without damaging your piece. Start by rubbing baking soda onto the affected area; this will help loosen up any rust that may have built up over time. Once finished, rinse off any remaining baking soda with warm water, then use steel wool or sandpaper to gently scrub away any remaining rust spots until they disappear completely.




With these tips in mind, repairing brass-plated antique furniture doesn’t have to be difficult! By following these steps carefully and taking extra caution when cleaning and polishing delicate areas of your piece’s metal finish, you can easily restore its original shine for years of enjoyment ahead! Plus, knowing how easy it is to keep pieces like these looking their best means that no matter what condition they’re in now—you can always make them look like new again!

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