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How to Solder Aluminum to Copper – A Complete Guide

How to Solder Aluminum to Copper

Joining copper and aluminum requires a bit more skill than soldering other metals, as the two have different melting points and react differently to heat. But with the right tools, some patience, and practice, it can be done. Read on to learn the basics of soldering copper and aluminum together.

Gather Your Supplies

Before you begin soldering copper and aluminum, make sure you have all the supplies you need for the job. You’ll need flux paste, solder wire, a torch or soldering iron, sandpaper or steel wool for cleaning surfaces before soldering, tweezers for holding smaller parts in place during soldering, protective gloves, and safety glasses.

Clean Your Metal Parts

Clean both your copper and aluminum parts thoroughly with sandpaper or steel wool before soldering them together. This will ensure that there is no debris on the surface that could prevent a proper bond from forming when you solder them together. If one of your pieces has a coating, such as paint or varnish, on it, remove it first with a chemical remover before proceeding with the cleaning process.

Apply Flux Paste

Once you’ve cleaned your metal parts, apply flux paste to both pieces, where they will be joined together. The flux paste helps to create an airtight seal between the two pieces when heated so that no gas leaks out while they are being soldered. It also helps prevent oxidation from occurring while they are being heated up.

Heat Up Your Parts

Heat up your metal parts using either a torch or an electric soldering iron until they reach their respective melting points (aluminum melts at about 1120 degrees Fahrenheit; copper melts at about 1880 degrees). Make sure to keep your protective gear on while doing this-the intense heat can be dangerous if not handled properly! Once both pieces have reached their melting point temperatures, add solder wire to join them together in one seamless bond. Allow everything to cool down before handling it further.


With some patience and practice, anyone can learn how to solder copper and aluminum together properly. Just make sure you have all the supplies necessary beforehand (flux paste, solder wire, etc.) and clean both pieces before joining them together so that nothing prevents a proper bond from forming when heated up! With these steps in mind, you should be able to successfully solder copper and aluminum like an expert in no time!

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