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How to Spot Weld with a TIG Welder – A Complete Guide

How to Spot Weld with a TIG Welder

Spot welding is a popular process used extensively in the manufacturing industry. It involves joining two pieces of metal together by heating them up and then applying pressure to fuse them. Spot welding can be done with many types of welders, including TIG welders. Let’s look at how to spot welding works with a TIG welder.

Basics of Spot Welding with a TIG Welder

Spot welding with a TIG welder requires preparation before you begin the process. First, it is important to ensure that the two pieces of metal being joined are clean and free from debris or dirt. You should also ensure that the surface tension between the pieces of metal is equal to bond adequately when heated.

Once your metal pieces are prepared, you can begin the spot welding process using your TIG welder. Start by setting the machine for spot welding mode and adjusting the amperage according to the thickness and type of metal being welded. When you are ready, hold your torch on one side of the joint while slowly moving it along; this will create an electrical arc across both sides, which will heat both pieces of metal quickly and simultaneously. As soon as they have been sufficiently heated, apply pressure to ensure they properly bond together as one piece.

Finally, you will need to cool down your newly-welded piece so that it does not become damaged or warped due to overheating during the spot welding process. To do this, spray compressed air onto the joint for about five seconds or until its temperature drops significantly—this will help preserve its integrity and keep it looking clean and professional after completion.


Spot welding with a TIG welder effectively joins two pieces of metal quickly and efficiently without compromising their quality or strength. With proper preparation and technique, any novice welder can master this skill in just minutes! Whether you’re building frames for furniture or creating intricate sculptures out of steel—spot welding with a TIG welder is an essential skill every serious welder should learn!

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