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How to Tell if Brass is Lacquered – An Overview

How to Tell if Brass is Lacquered

If you’re in the market for brass items, it can be difficult to tell whether they’ve been lacquered. It’s important to know this information because lacquered brass will need different care and maintenance than non-lacquered brass. Luckily, you can take a few simple steps to determine if your brass item has been lacquered. Read on for more information!

Look for Signs of Aging

One of the key ways to tell if brass is lacquered is by looking for signs of aging. Non-lacquered brass will eventually tarnish or corrode over time, but lacquered brass should remain relatively unscathed. If the item appears brand new after years of use, there’s a good chance it has been protected with a coat of lacquer.

Check for a Sheen

Another way to tell if your brass item has been lacquered is by checking for a sheen. Lacquering gives the surface an unmistakable shine, making it stand out from its non-lacquered counterparts. Depending on the finish used, this sheen can range from glossy and shiny to dull and matte. If you notice that your brass item has some sheen, chances are it was treated with a coat of lacquer at some point.

Test with Rubbing Alcohol

A final way to tell if your item has been treated with lacquer is by testing it with rubbing alcohol. Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto a cotton swab and rub it against the surface of the metal. If the colour rubs off easily, then your item was not treated with any finish and is likely made from raw brass; however, if no colour comes off when rubbed with alcohol, then it is likely that your item was covered in some kind of protective coatings like lacquer or varnish.


Determining whether or not your brass items have been given a coat of protection such as lacquer is an important part of caring for them properly and ensuring their longevity over time. Fortunately, using these simple methods can help you figure out whether or not your items were treated with any finishing product so that you can give them the attention they deserve! By following these steps, you’ll be able to ensure that your precious metals stay looking beautiful year after year!

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