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How to Weld Aluminium with a Spool Gun

How to Weld Aluminium with a Spool Gun

Welding aluminium is becoming a trendy hobby, but knowing the right way to go about it is essential. One of the most effective methods for welding aluminum is with a spool gun, which is designed specifically for welding aluminum. This blog post will look at how you can use a spool gun to weld aluminium and why you should consider using one.

What Is a Spool Gun?

A spool gun is an attachment that fits onto your welding machine, and it’s used to feed wire into your weld. It comprises two components – the spool gun itself and the control box. The control box houses all the necessary electronics and contains connectors for connecting the power source, trigger switch, and other components that are required. The spool gun has an adjustable wire speed dial, trigger switch, drive motor assembly, and other components necessary for feeding the wire into your weld.

Why Should I Use a Spool Gun?

Using a spool gun is one of the best ways to get good results when welding aluminium because it helps you achieve longer arc lengths without moving the torch around too much. This means you can achieve better penetration when welding thick pieces of metal and getting cleaner welds overall. The spool gun also offers greater control when compared to other methods because it has adjustable speed settings, so you can set it up according to what type of weld you want to achieve. Additionally, because the wire feeder is built into the gun’s handle, it’s much easier to maneuver than regular TIG torches or MIG guns, which require additional equipment such as feeders or cables that can work with them in certain difficult situations.

How Do I Set Up My Spool Gun?

Setting up a spool gun is relatively simple and should take 15 minutes if done properly. First, start by plugging in your power source (usually 220V) into the back of your control box, then connect all other components, such as your trigger switch, etc., Next adjust any settings on your control box, such as amperage or voltage depending on what type of weld you want to achieve then attach the feeder cable from your spool gun into one side of your control box before attaching the return cable from your torch into another port on your control box then finally turn on both power sources (welding machine + control box) and test out your settings before starting work on any project.


Welding aluminium with a spool gun is not only accessible but also incredibly efficient compared to other methods, such as MIG or TIG torches requiring additional equipment such as cables or feeders to work efficiently. It offers great arc lengths and improved penetration when working with thicker pieces of metal. Its adjustable speed settings give you greater control over how much heat input goes into each weld, making it ideal for both beginner and experienced welders! So if you are looking for an easy way to get started welding aluminium, look no further than using a spool gun!

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