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How to Weld Titanium to Stainless Steel 

How to Weld Titanium to Stainless Steel 

Welding titanium and stainless steel is a tricky process that requires careful attention and specialized tools. When done correctly, it can result in a strong, secure weld that will last for many years. Before attempting this welding task, let’s look at the process and discuss what you need to know.

Choose the Right Filler Material

When welding titanium to stainless steel, you must use an alloy filler material that contains both elements. This filler material must have a melting point higher than the base metals of titanium and stainless steel. Otherwise, it won’t be able to join them together correctly. It’s important to select the correct type of alloy filler material, so your weld will be strong enough to hold up over time.

Prepare Your Base Metals

Before you begin welding, you must ensure your base metals are clean and free of debris or contaminants. Use sandpaper or an abrasive wheel grinder to remove rust or dirt from both pieces of metal, then brush them with a wire brush for extra cleaning power. This will ensure that your weld adheres appropriately and does not contain any weak spots or flaws.

Heat Up Your Metal

Once your base metals are prepped, you’ll need to heat them so the filler material can flow properly during welding. Using a propane torch, heat each piece of metal evenly until they are red-hot (about 500°C). Make sure not to overheat either piece of metal – if they become too hot, they may warp or melt during welding!

Apply Filler Material

Now, it’s time to apply the filler material onto the heated base metals. Start by spreading a thin layer on each piece of metal using either an oxy-acetylene torch or an electric arc welder. Once both parts have been coated with the filler material, press them together firmly and hold them in place until they cool down completely (about 10 seconds). If done correctly, this should create a strong bond between the two pieces of metal!


Welding titanium and stainless steel is no easy task – but with some patience and practice, it can be done successfully! By following these steps carefully, you should be able to achieve a strong bond between two different types of metal that will last for years. With some experience, you’ll soon become an expert at welding titanium and stainless steel together! Thanks for joining us today as we discussed how to weld titanium to stainless steel – we hope this has been helpful!


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