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Is Tantalum a Metal?


Tantalum is an element on the periodic table with the atomic number 73 and the symbol Ta. It is a silvery-gray metal that can be found in trace amounts in certain types of rock and minerals. So, is tantalum a metal or not? Let’s take a closer look at this fascinating element to find out.



What is Tantalum?

Tantalum is a rare, hard, corrosion-resistant transition metal from the group of 5 elements of the periodic table. Its name comes from the Greek mythological character Tantalus who was cursed with eternal torment because he revealed secrets to mortals. Like its namesake, tantalum can be difficult to obtain due to its rarity. In fact, it is estimated that there are only about 10 tons of pure tantalum metal available on Earth each year!

Physical Properties of Tantalum

Tantalum has some unique physical properties that make it very useful in many industrial applications. For example, it has one of the highest melting points (3017 C) among all metals and also has excellent electrical conductivity and thermal resistance. Additionally, tantalum is resistant to corrosion even when exposed to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals like acids or bases – making it perfect for use in high-temperature environments. Finally, tantalum’s density (16 g/cm3) makes it much lighter than other metals such as copper or iron but still strong enough for use in heavy-duty applications like aerospace engineering or construction projects.

  1. High melting point-Tantalum has a very high melting point, making it ideal for use in high-temperature applications.
  2. Corrosion resistant-Tantalum is highly resistant to corrosion, making it an ideal material for use in chemical processing and other corrosive environments
  3. Ductile-Tantalum is a ductile metal, meaning it can be easily formed into various shapes.
  4. Malleable-Tantalum is also a malleable metal, meaning it can be easily hammered or rolled into thin sheets.




In conclusion, tantalum is indeed classified as a metal due to its characteristic properties, such as good conductivity and corrosion resistance. Although it may be hard to come by due to its rarity, its unique physical properties make it an invaluable asset for many industrial applications such as aerospace engineering and construction projects. So if you ever wondered whether tantalum was a metal or not – now you know!

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