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Stress-Strain Curve for Mild Steel

Stress-Strain Curve for Mild Steel

The stress-strain curve is a graphical representation of the relationship between stress and strain in an elastic material. In this article, we will be looking at the stress-strain curve specifically for mild steel and what it tells us about how strong this material is.

Stress and Strain

Before we can understand how to read a mild steel stress-strain curve, we need to understand what stress and strain are. Stress is defined as the amount of force required to deform an object per unit area. Strain is the measure of deformation that occurs in response to a given amount of stress. When these two variables are plotted against each other on a graph, it forms a stress-strain curve.

Stress-Strain Curve for Mild Steel

When plotting out the stress-strain curve for mild steel, it follows a typical pattern that looks like an S shape when viewed from above. This S shape can be divided into three distinct sections: elastic behavior, plastic behavior, and ultimate strength.

In the first section (elastic behavior), the curve begins at zero strain but increases rapidly with increasing amounts of applied stress until it reaches its elastic limit or yield point (usually around 0.2%). At this point, further load causes permanent deformation or plastic flow without any additional increase in the load being present. This stage is known as plastic behavior and ends with failure at the ultimate strength point (around 0.5%). Beyond this point, the further load will cause more plastic deformation until failure occurs at some higher level of strain.


The understanding of mild steel’s stress-strain curve provides insight into how much force an object made from mild steel can withstand before failure occurs. This information can then be used by engineers to design structures that are safe and reliable while also providing adequate stiffness and strength. So if you ever find yourself needing to know how strong an object made from mild steel is, just remember to refer back to its unique S-shaped stress-strain curve!

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Stress-Strain Curve for Mild Steel

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