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The Most Important Ore of Aluminium

Ore of Aluminium

Aluminum is a metal with many uses, from making light aircraft to everyday kitchen foil. But what is the most important ore of aluminium used in its production? In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the different ores and their importance for aluminium production around the world.

Bauxite Ore

Bauxite ore is made up of individual minerals such as gibbsite (Al2O3), boehmite (AlOOH), and diaspore (AlOOH). Bauxite is the most abundant aluminium ore on Earth, and it’s mined in many countries, including Jamaica, Guinea, Brazil, Suriname, India, and Australia. This ore contains between 50-70% alumina and is one of the main sources of aluminium used in production.

Cryolite Ore

Cryolite ore contains sodium aluminum fluoride (Na3AlF6), which can be found in Greenland near Ivittuut. Although cryolite has a much lower concentration of alumina than bauxite (around 8-10%), it is important for making aluminum because it reduces energy costs during electrolysis – an essential step in aluminium production. Cryolite ore was mined until 1987, when mining operations ceased due to economic reasons. Currently, cryolite is artificially produced to meet industry needs.

Diaspore Ore

Diaspore ore contains hydrated alumina oxide (AlOOH), and it can be found in Turkey, Greece, and Kazakhstan, among other countries. It has a higher concentration of alumina than bauxite at between 60-70% but also contains impurities like siltstone and quartz, which makes it difficult to process into aluminium oxide. Despite this challenge, diaspore remains an important source of alumina for producing aluminum alloys around the world.


No matter where you are in the world or what type of aluminum product you’re looking to create, you will need access to one or more types of ores containing alumina. The two most important sources are bauxite and cryolite ore since they contain large concentrations of alumina that make them suitable for use in industries producing aluminum products on a large scale. Diaspore ore also provides an important source for specialized applications like aluminum alloys. Knowing the different types and sources for these ores can help you find the right solution for your business needs!

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