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The Properties of Aluminium Bronze CA104 

Properties of Aluminium Bronze CA104, Aluminium Bronze CA104 Properties

Aluminium bronze CA104 is a copper-based alloy that contains elements of aluminum and iron, making it an incredibly strong and durable metal. It’s used in many industries, from shipbuilding to engineering, due to its ability to resist corrosion in seawater. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the properties of aluminum bronze CA104 and how they make it a valuable material for various applications.

Aluminium Bronze CA104 Properties

Aluminium Bronze CA104 is a metal alloy comprised of aluminium, iron, and nickel that offers a variety of properties specific to its composition. The material boasts thermal insulation and electrical conductivity, making it suitable for applications where there’s likely frequent exposure to high temperatures. Additionally, Aluminium Bronze CA104 has a higher resistance to stress corrosion cracking compared with other metals under the same conditions. It also possesses good fatigue strength and excellent atmospheric corrosion properties. Aluminium Bronze CA104 is widely used in industries such as marine engineering, mining and civil engineering for armored fixtures due to its consistent mechanical properties throughout varying temperatures. When exposed to harsh environments Aluminium Bronze CA104 shows very little change or degradation in performance or appearance over time; making it an ideal choice for many applications where reliability is key.

Strength & Durability

Aluminium bronze CA104 has high tensile strength and excellent fatigue resistance at low temperatures—making it ideal for use in extreme environments. Due to its superior strength and durability, this alloy is typically used in heavy-duty applications such as marine propeller shafts, bearings, piston rods, and wheels. Additionally, aluminium bronze CA104 is resistant to corrosion from seawater because it’s composed mainly of copper with small amounts of aluminum and iron.

Heat Resistance & Machinability

Aluminium bronze CA104 can withstand higher temperatures than other alloys due to its heat-resistant properties. This makes it well-suited for uses such as steam turbines or nuclear reactors where temperatures can reach up to 600°F (316°C). Furthermore, aluminium bronze CA104 has good machinability, which makes it easier to shape into the desired parts during manufacturing processes. It also has excellent weldability, so welding repairs can be performed easily if necessary.

Electrical Conductivity & Wear Resistance

As you might expect from a metal made primarily from copper, aluminium bronze CA104 has high electrical conductivity—making it suitable for electrical components that require reliable performance under harsh conditions. Moreover, this alloy is highly resistant to wear, making it ideal for parts that are subject to frequent contact with abrasive materials such as pumps or valves.


All in all, aluminium bronze CA104 is an incredibly strong and versatile material thanks to its unique combination of properties. Its resistance to corrosion from seawater makes it particularly useful in marine engineering applications, while its high electrical conductivity makes it an excellent choice for electrical components that need reliable performance under harsh conditions. Additionally, its machinability ensures that manufacturers can easily shape the material into any desired parts during production processes, while its wear resistance ensures long-term performance even when exposed to abrasive materials over time. If you are looking for an alloy with these qualities, then aluminium bronze CA104 may be the perfect fit for your project!


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