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What Does WPB Mean in Steel?

WPB Mean in Steel

When it comes to steel, there are a lot of acronyms and abbreviations that can be confusing. One acronym you may come across is WPB. The full form of WPS is “Weldable Pressure Vessels Boiler Quality,” which is a type of steel and its applications. Let’s explore this abbreviation further, and learn why it is important when dealing with steel.

What Is Weldable Pressure Vessels Boiler Quality Steel?

Weldable Pressure Vessels Boiler Quality (WPB) is made of carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, and copper. It was specifically designed for use in boilers and pressure vessels and has a minimum yield strength of 36 ksi (kilopounds per square inch). This type of steel offers good weldability, ductility, formability, machinability, durability, and low-temperature toughness. It also exhibits excellent notch toughness—which means it won’t crack or break when exposed to extreme temperatures or stress.

Why Is WPB Important?

ASTM A234 WPB steel pipe is an important part of the steel industry because it can withstand high temperatures and pressure without bursting or cracking. That makes it ideal for making boilers and pressure vessels—such as steam pipes used in power plants—which are subject to high levels of stress due to the heat they generate. In addition to its impressive durability, WPB also has good corrosion resistance so it can stand up to harsh environments better than other types of steel.


WPB steel is an important component in the steel industry as it provides an alloy that offers excellent weldability, ductility, formability, machinability durability, and low-temperature toughness for making boilers and pressure vessels that need to withstand extreme temperatures or stress without breaking or cracking. With its superior corrosion resistance capabilities compared to other types of steel, WPB is becoming increasingly popular in many industries today. Understanding what WPB stands for will help you make more informed decisions when ordering your next batch of steel!

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