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Why Aerospace Companies Use Stainless Steel Carts?

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Aerospace companies usually have to transfer and maintain parts that are extremely heavyweight, extraordinarily delicate, or both heavy and delicate at the same time. Stainless steel carts for aircraft parts can be an integral means of safely moving these bulky, yet delicate, components from one process to the other.

Why Stainless Steel Carts is Used in Aerospace Industries

To Protect Large Parts

One of the biggest challenges in aerospace production is to safely move delicate parts from one process to another. Large parts such as jet engine turbines are often too delicate to be held with ropes and pulleys, but too big to be carried by hand.

Stainless steel carts on wheels help to move huge and delicate parts in between production processes. When secured into a round cart, larger parts can be moved easily without having to worry about them getting scratched up. Stainless steel carts with coatings can prevent metal-on-metal contact—keeping parts from getting damaged during movement.

In addition to using thick coatings, stainless steel carts for aerospace applications should have a sturdy design with thick sidewalls to protect parts from crashing with other objects. This protects parts from damage so aerospace manufacturers can reduce rejection rates from surface flaws.

To Hold Parts for Assembly

When assembling together engine or turbine parts, stainless steel carts helps to keep all of the parts nearby. Stainless steel carts with wheels can be used by aerospace manufacturers to move larger parts to the desired location for final assembly—helping to save some time when hoist capacity is limited. Instead of using the hoist system to carry large parts the entire way, all the parts can be brought for final assembly as the hoist is used to help install other large parts in the proper order.

To Dry Off Large Parts

After a parts washing process, it will likely take a considerable time for a large turbine blade or other aircraft components to dry off properly. Using a stainless steel cart with an open-topped and mesh bottom can help speed along the drying process.

A circular cart of stainless steel allows for plentiful airflow, because of its open-top design which speeds along the drying process. Having a mesh bottom allows any fluids or other runoff from drying or reproduction processes to fall easily—preventing further contact with the larger parts which might otherwise cause scratching or surface contamination.

Moving a wheeled stainless steel cart can further enhance the speed of the drying process—reducing downtime between processes.

Reduce Strain for Manually Moving Parts

Using a stainless steel cart with wheels helps to reduce the stress put on employees as they move large aircraft parts from one place to another. For example, circular stainless steel carts have a 30-pound pull ratio that is ideal for manual movement.

This makes it easy to manually move parts through your aerospace facility helps to minimize the risk of injury to your employees—particularly strains from trying to move heavy loads unassisted. This employee safety improvement can help to reduce downtime from on-the-job injuries.

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