ThePipingMart Blog other 3 Things about Stainless Steel Fasteners you probably dont know

3 Things about Stainless Steel Fasteners you probably dont know

3 Things About Stainless Steel Fasteners You Probably Dont Know

Before buying stainless steel fasteners, one should have a good idea about them. Knowing more about the fasteners, makes it easier for you to understand their functions better.

These are some of the most important points that people usually forget:

Stainless Steel Fasteners can still Corrode:

One of the main reasons why stainless steel hex nuts and stainless steel socket set screws are so popular and so many people by them is that, these are corrosion- resistant. This is a situation based truth. When these products come in contact with sufficient oxygen, a thin oxide layer is formed on the surface of the steel, which protects the steel from corroding.
It prevents contact of the metal with water, oxygen, and other corroding substances. On the other hand, if enough oxygen is not available to the steel, the layer does not form, and the steel is prone to corrosion.

Stainless Steel Fasteners are Non- Magnetic:

These fasteners are typically non- magnetic. This property makes these fasteners ideal for usage which does not require magnetic properties. However, the alloys used in making stainless steel, contain a certain amount of magnetism. But stainless steel types like 316, are made in such a way that they are completely non- magnetic.
If your application of the fastener includes only non- magnetic uses, you will have to choose the type of stainless steel fastener very carefully.

Stainless Steel Fasteners are Self-Repairing:

One of the major benefits of stainless steel fasteners is that the topmost layer of it is self- repairing. If a scratch occurs on the surface of the steel, that particular part reacts with oxygen and reforms the layer in that scratched area. This means, that even if a scratch occurs on this stainless steel fastener, it will not corrode, but repair itself.

These are some well- known facts which actually slip out of people’s mind when they go to purchase fasteners.

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