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3 Types of Globe Valve and Their Uses

Globe Valve

Globe valves are an essential type of valve used in various industrial, commercial, and residential applications. A globe valve is a type of flow control device that regulates the amount of flow in a system. The valve is designed with a disk-shaped plug that slides into the body to open or close the flow passage. This article will provide an overview of the different types of globe valves available today.

Different Types of Globe Valve

Angle Globe Valves

Angle globe valves are the most common types used in industrial settings. These valves are typically mounted in-line and feature an angled design, allowing them to be installed in tight spaces where other valves would not fit. Angle globe valves come with either manual or automated operation, making them ideal for controlling flows at higher pressures and temperatures than other types of globe valves.

Y-Pattern Globe Valve

Y-pattern globe valves are another popular type of valve used for controlling fluids in industrial settings. These valves have two ports on either side, forming a “Y” pattern when viewed from above. Y-pattern globe valves can be manual or automated, and they are often used in systems where precise control over fluid flow is necessary. They can also be used as shutoff or non-return devices combined with other components, such as check valves or isolation pumps.

Tee Pattern Globe Valve

Tee-pattern globe valves are similar to Y-pattern globes but feature three ports instead of two. As their name implies, these valves form a “tee” shape when viewed from above, which allows them to be used in systems where more precise control over fluid flow is needed than what is possible with standard Y-pattern globes. Tee pattern globes can also be manual or automated, depending on the application requirements.


Globe valves are essential for many industries because they provide precise control over fluid flow and pressure regulation that cannot be achieved with other types of valve designs. Many different types are available on the market today, each offering unique benefits for specific applications and systems requirements. From angle globes to tee pattern globes and everything in between, understanding which type you need for your system will allow you to optimize performance and efficiency while ensuring safe operation at all times!

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