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4 Advantages of Spiral Pipes Over Rectangular Pipes

Pipes and ducts have great importance in several industries. They are used for transferring fluids from one area to another. They are very popularly used in HVAC industries that as the heating, ventilation, air- conditioning industries. There are various types of pipes available in the market, out of which spiral pipes are the best, and much better than rectangular pipes. Spiral pipes are very convenient to install.

Advantages of spiral pipes over rectangular pipes:

  1. Less pressure loss: Pipes are very useful in the transfer, conduction, and transport of various types of fluid. They are utilized in the production of thermal energy in a warehouse, which is then stored in the system for a long period of time. Because of the complex interactions involved in the production of heat- pressure, temperature, etc, it is important to keep a lower degree of pressure loss. For this particular reason, a spiral pipe is more economical as compared to a rectangular pipe. The surface area of a rectangular pipe is twice of that of a spiral pipe. This is the reason why spiral pipes have less room for pressure loss, making them a better choice. Since spiral pipes do not have joints, instances of leakage are also prevented.
  2. Easier to install: Piping systems that have great quality and ease of use are preferred for commercial and industrial purposes. One of the main advantages that spiral pipes have over rectangular pipes is that they are easier to install, as compared to rectangular pipes. Since spiral pipes are easier to install, the mishaps that can happen during the installation process reduce drastically, and it is easier for the contractor to install the pipes. Also, spiral pipes are available in longer lengths too, which means that the costly joints and sealants required will be very less, and it will be easy to install the pipes.
  3. More aesthetically appealing: Spiral pipes are aesthetically appealing, and make your industrial and commercial places look good and presentable. The pipes seamlessly blend in the environment without sticking out. They can also be used in your residential spaces, if planned properly. On the other hand, a rectangular pipe wont be used in duct- Work very commonly, because it looks bulky and disheveled.
  4. Lower maintenance costs: Spiral pipes are easier to clean. The maintenance crew has to look after very few corners for cleaning purposes. Since there aren’t much corners present in spiral pipes, lesser volumes of dust and debris gets trapped, hence there is not much to clean. Whereas, if you see rectangular pipes, all the ends have to be connected together with the help of joints and sealants. More dust gets accumulated in these joints, which is a task to clean.
  5. Making the right choice among the two types of pipes is very important, as it will determine the working of your entire system.

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4 Advantages of Spiral Pipes Over Rectangular Pipes

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