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5 Unique Properties Of Beryllium Copper.

Copper-beryllium is a versatile alloy that is used in different appliances and industries. Copper-beryllium(BeCu) has high strength, good electrical and thermal conductivity. High-strength beryllium copper alloys contain as much as 2.7% beryllium (cast), or 1.6-2% beryllium with about 0.3% cobalt (wrought). Strength is achieved by hardening over time. The thermal conductivity of these alloys is between steel and aluminum. The Casting alloys are usually formed using injection molds. The wrought alloys are designated by UNS as C17200 to C17400, the cast alloys are C82000 to C82800. Beryllium copper is an alloy with non-magnetic properties, and materials with these properties are considered non-magnetic. Due to the lack of magnetism, beryllium and copper instruments and components can work normally in a magnetic field. Beryllium copper is frequently used for percussion instruments for its consistent tone and resonance, especially tambourines and triangles.

Some Unique properties of Beryllium copper

  • Strength- Beryllium copper is used in cryogenic equipment to maintain its strength, even at low temperatures. Tensile strength ranges of Beryllium Copper carried by Mead Metals here. Copper beryllium alloys are divided into groups, high strength copper beryllium, & high conductivity copper beryllium. High-strength copper beryllium has the highest strength of any copper alloy, beryllium or otherwise. Its tensile strength can exceed 200,000 psi, while still maintaining good electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • Hardness- As we know now that BeCu is a versatile alloy, The hardness of BeCu is one of its most important characteristics. Also, this alloy can be both softened or hardened as needed by applying different heat treatment processes. It achieves a hardness that rivals high-grade alloy steels while retaining the other favorable characteristics of BeCu (like electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance).
  • Machinability- Beryllium copper is an alloy with moderate hardness levels. As such, it is highly machinable. After processing, beryllium copper can be heat treated to the designed hardness. The alloy does retain its shape after heat treatment.
  • Corrosion Resistance- Even when compared to other specialty copper alloys, beryllium copper ranks extremely high for its corrosion resistance. alloy 172 is commonly used to create products and components that experience high levels of wear and tear. Some items manufactured from beryllium copper included wire, electronic springs, and connectors, oil, and gas equipment components, automotive powertrain components, as well as undersea and marine telecom components.
  • Electrical and Thermal Conductivity-BeCu efficiently transmit heat and electricity. Therefore, it is commonly used for electronic connectors, computer components, and telecommunications products. The alloy is non-sparking. When considering the electrical and thermal conductivity of copper beryllium, it pays to mention high conductivity copper beryllium, which is an alloy that offers better conductivity with a tensile strength of approximately 120,000 psi.

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