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8 Applications of Hydraulic Systems in Daily Life

In simple terms, hydraulic systems generate repetitive movement by utilizing pressurized fluid (often oil or water). They are well-known for their efficacy, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability. They can be utilized in several applications. Hydraulic systems are widely used in major industrial applications, including construction, logging, manufacturing, and robotics.
However, did you notice that several hydraulic systems work every day, even if you’re at home? That’s correct. It is not necessary to visit a large construction site or a steel manufacturing plant to see the work of hydraulic systems. Here are a few illustrations of how hydraulic systems are used daily:

Cars and Various Automotive Industry Applications

A vehicle is chock-full with hydraulic systems. A hydraulic brake circuit, for example, is in full control of working a car’s brakes. Hydraulics also plays a role in an automobile’s suspension system, specifically in the shock absorbents, as well as the power steering system. Hydraulics are also used to power the windshield wipers. And this is merely for the automobile itself.
Hydraulic systems are also used in a variety of power and hand tools used in car repairs. However, the most obvious application of hydraulics is found in two- and four-post lifts used to lift cars for inspections and maintenance. A hydraulic system may also be seen in the portable jack you have in your car for emergencies.

Gasoline Pumps

Have you ever thought about how gasoline pumps work? Hydraulics is the answer! Hydraulic systems transmit fuel from the storage tank to your vehicle. When you reach a certain amount, a computer “tells” the pump to discontinue drawing fuel from the storage tank.

Office Chairs and Other Seats

Office chairs are ergonomically designed wonder. They can be adjusted up or down to accommodate your height, as well as leaned back to assist you to relax or support your neck. Thanks to hydraulics your office chair has got these features. Hydraulic systems are also used in barber chairs, as well as bar stools and other chairs having adjustable heights.

Amusement Park Rides

Do you enjoy going on amusement park rides? Hydraulic systems play an important role in keeping these exciting rides safe. Hydraulic systems can be made to withstand enormous amounts of force and repetitive motion. Furthermore, they can discharge a large amount of force with great precision. This level of accuracy is required to spin, push, lift, and speed these amusement park rides in a regulated manner, ensuring your safety.
Hydraulic systems are also used in different safety elements on the rides. Hydraulics, for example, power the bars or harnesses that automatically lower and lock into position to hold you in your roller coaster seat.


Those who like visiting the theatre may be surprised to learn that hydraulics are also used in the performance. For example, in certain theatres, hydraulics are used to handle the lifting and falling of the curtains. Hydraulics may also be used to raise and lower stages, move heavy props, and create other practical effects that contribute to a visually appealing performance.


Lifts have been popular since their invention in the 1880s. We see and use them so most often that we rarely question how they operate. Most lifts operate like a pulley, with a heavy-duty metal rope at one end and a counterweight at the other. This counterweight aids in the balance of the lift’s car.
However, there are hydraulic-powered lifts as well. Hydraulic lifts, as the name implies, are powered by a piston contained within a cylinder. An electric motor pumps oil into the cylinder, causing the piston to move and raise the cab. To return to its original position, an electronic valve carefully releases the hydraulic oil.


Do you have a dishwasher in your house? You probably had no clue that certain dishwashing models are operated by hydraulics. Hydraulics are used in these dishwashers to boost water pressure, making them more efficient in removing sticky oil and food particles from the dishes. These dishwashing machines are also quieter & make less noise.

Trash Compactors

Waste management is a worldwide issue. Indeed, landfills throughout the world are running out of space to store our junk as we strive for greener, more sustainable options. Meanwhile, hydraulic systems can assist ease the pressure. Garbage trucks and compactors utilize hydraulic force to compress huge amounts of garbage so that it takes up less space. This may assist to reduce the rate at which landfills fill up. This is not a long-term solution. However, it is a temporary solution that can make things more sustainable.

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8 Applications of Hydraulic Systems in Daily Life

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