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Advantages of Using Castellated Beams

Improving the stability of a building’s structure is a constant thought in a constructor’s mind. They are constantly experimenting with ways to do this. Modern and stronger materials like stainless steel reinforcing bars, seamless pipes, or welded pipes are some materials that improve the structural integrity of a building, making it stronger and more stable. One important material, whose innovation turned out to be very important for this industry is castellated beams. It provides the building structures with more support at a cheaper rate. Castellated beam offers a less bulky and more attractive appearance.

The advantages are:

Offers durability

In the process of castellation, a zigzag incision is made on a rolled section of a beam. After this step, the other half is seamed to the remaining half. When the two patterns are joined, the height and depth of the resulting beam are increased, and they are now ready to be used for different constructional purposes. Physical alteration of this material is done with the help of steel, and this increases the stiffness of the beam, without making any changes to the weight of the material. Because of the increase in the depth, the vibration resistance level also increases, as compared to the original, unchanged beam.


There are various shapes and patterns in which castellated beams are now manufactured. The older method included cutting up a zigzag pattern on the rolled section of the beam, whereas, the new method allows the production of castellated beams in different shapes. Castellated beams now come with different types of openings like circular, rectangular, or sinusoidal. Even though these different types exist, the second half of the rolled section is still attached by welding. The manufacturers can produce castellated beams in various designs, as per their wishes. This is one of the main advantages of castellated beams, that it offers versatility. Because of this advantage, castellated beams are used in rafters, pipe bridges, and barebones stainless steel parking.


Castellated beams are more efficient as compared to their counterparts. Completing a stable structure is not the only goal of constructors. Another main goal of theirs is to not have a blowout in their budgeting. If the materials used are too expensive, or too shoddy, the structure will be unstable, resulting in expenses for the constructor. If durable and cost-efficient materials like castellated beams are used, this problem will not occur. This only means that the constructors are being prudent about the financial aspects. No complex chemical engineering is required in the formation of castellated beams, and this is why it is cheaper than its counterparts.


Castellated beams are also highly desirable because of their property of being light in weight. Even though this material is lightweight, this property does not affect the material’s strength-based properties. The combination of being lightweight and high level of stability increases the demand for castellated beams in various construction undertakings.

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