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Anti-Surge Valve – Working, Uses and Function

Anti-Surge Valve

In industrial processes, a compressor plays a vital role in several operations. However, it is not possible to run a compressor without any protection. This is where anti-surge valves come into the picture. Anti-surge valves are crucial for ensuring safe and stable operation of compressors. This blog aims to comprehensively understand anti-surge valves’ functions, working and uses in different industrial applications.

What is an Anti-Surge Valve?

Anti-surge valve is installed on the discharge side of a compressor to prevent surge and stalling of the compressor. A wave is a phenomenon that occurs when the compressor flow rate drops below a specific limit, leading to an increase in pressure and causing the compressor to stall. The anti-surge valve prevents this surge by diverting the compressed air back to the compressor inlet.

Functions of Anti-Surge Valve

The primary function of an anti-surge valve is to protect the compressor from surge and ensure safe and stable operation. In addition to that, it also controls the compressor’s discharge pressure, allowing it to operate at optimal conditions. If the discharge pressure exceeds the set point, the anti-surge valve opens and adjusts the flow to maintain the optimum pressure.

Working on Anti-Surge Valve

The anti-surge valve’s working principle is based on the compressor’s flow rate, discharge pressure, and temperature. The valve opens when the compressor flow rate drops below a specific limit and closes when the flow rate exceeds the minimum limit. The valve constantly monitors the compressor’s discharge pressure and opens when the pressure reaches the set point, diverting the flow back to the compressor inlet. This helps to prevent surges and maintain stable operation.

Uses of Anti-Surge Valve

Anti-surge valves are used in various industrial applications, including gas pipelines, natural gas processing, LNG plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, and power generation plants. Any compressor process requires an anti-surge valve to ensure safe and stable operation. Anti-surge valves are designed to handle high-pressure and high-temperature applications and can be customized per the process’s specific requirements.


In conclusion, Anti-surge valves protect a compressor from surge and stalling. They help to ensure safe and stable operation and maintain optimal compressor performance. Different anti-surge valves are available in the market, each with specific features and applications. Choosing the right anti-surge valve for a particular industrial application is essential. This blog has comprehensively understood anti-surge valves and their functions, working, and uses.

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