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ASME Buttweld Fittings Explained


Buttweld fittings are generally pipe fittings that are used to change the route of a pipeline. These Fittings are available in many types to make connections easily. ASME Buttweld fittings are perfectly suitable for piping systems that are above 2 inches in diameter. Threaded fittings and socket weld fittings are suitable for smaller size pipes. ASME Buttweld fittings are widely available in multiple shapes like reducers, crosses, elbows, tees, caps, and stub ends. These Fittings are made in different materials such as duplex, carbon, low-alloy, stainless, and nickel alloys. ASME Buttweld fittings have numerous benefits such as these are strong and leak-proof, fitting attachments minimize pressure, long service life, and moderately cheap to use. These fittings have unique features, and all vary according to the use of material for the fabrication process.

Different Types of Buttweld Fittings

Equal Tee

An equal tee is also known as a straight tee. This tee is a buttweld fitting that is used to connect the pipeline at 90 degrees. An equal tee has the same bore size at the run and branch with the same diameter. Equal tees are available in different sizes like from half-inch to more than 48 inches. These Buttweld Tees are available in seamless and welded execution. Buttweld tees are produced according to ASME B16.9, i.e., in carbon and other suitable alloys.

Reducing Tees

A reducing tee has a smaller bore size at the side, which is branched with another pipe side. The size is generally 2/3 sizes smaller than the inlet side. While massive bore size reduction is required, a branch connection shall be preferred to restrict disturbance and to a regular flow of contains. ASME buttweld reducing tees are available in many conventional dimensions and tolerances, which are covering ASME B16.19 specification.

Pipe Cap

A buttweld pipe cap is used to divide or blind the pipeline. It can be used permanently or temporarily during maintenance and reparation work. Buttweld pipe caps are fabricated by using steel plates and also available in many sizes. The Ellipsoidal shaped pipe caps are available in many dimensions and perfect for every piping application.

Buttweld Reducers

Buttweld Reducer is available in different types such as:

Concentric Reducer

The concentric reducer has open ends that are joined and cantered one to the other. Generally, this type of reducer is employed to adjust the bore size of the pipeline by two or three measures. This helps to avoid extreme pressure in the pipeline. For larger reduction, a sequence of reducers is used to make gradual adjustment of the bore size of the pipeline.

Eccentric Reducer

Eccentric Reducers has open ends in an offset position, which are used widely in pipeline applications. These reducers are installed in a horizontal position in the pipeline.

ASME buttweld fittings are readily available in seamless as well as welded forms. Seamless buttweld fittings have no joint welds, and hence it is considered better and preferable than welded Buttweld fittings. ASME buttweld fittings have many excellent qualities that make them perfect for many industrial applications.

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